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Vince Orza, on Immigrants "Without Papers"

April 8, 2008

Vince Orza, the Dean of the Meinders School of Business at OCU, and who recently sold his restaurant business, Eateries, which, “operates and franchises about 60 Garfield’s Restaurant & Pub locations in nearly 20 states…[and Garcia’s Mexican Restaurants in Arizona and five other states and a Pepperoni Grill restaurant in Oklahoma,” talks to the Flashpoint team about the need for illegal immigrants to keep coming to America to do the jobs Americans don’t want to do.

He draws a parallel between his own Italian grandparents, along with other immigrant communities like the Vietnamese who often came here as refugees, without papers, and the current migrants coming here illegally from Mexico. While he does acknowlege that the opponents of illegal immigration have a point, in that these illegal immigrants are receiving health benefits not afforded to the 47 million Americans who also don’t have insurance (or the previous immigrant groups in the country), he does not address the issue in this video that previous immigrant groups did not set up territorial consulates inside the U.S., or promote reconquista-type campaigns.

See Vince on the first two episodes of Flashpoint by clicking here or on the image below.


Mexican "Mobile Consul" Rolls through Tulsa this Week

March 27, 2008

Andrés Chao, who is the consul at the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, AR, extablished in 2007 at the invitation of Gov. Mike Huckabee. Tulsa, Oklahoma is in the official “jurisdiction” of this Mexican consulate, so Chao was in the city this week, “to meet with Mayor Kathy Taylor, Police Chief Ron Palmer, and other city officials. While Chao has already visited Tulsa several times since it was opened the Mexican consulate in Little Rock, Arkansas, Chao told The Week in the South that this will be their first ‘official visit’ with the leaders of the city,” according to the Spanish-Language periodical, La Semana del Sur. The magazine conducted a phone interview with the Consul on March 14th, and quoted Chao as saying (Translated by Google from Spanish):

This will be the first time that I will meet with the mayor and police chief. I want to know because Tulsa is part jurisdiction of this consulate. I would like to talk to them about the situation of the Mexican immigrant community… and to open channels of communication. This will be my first official visit to the mayor and the chief of police.

The magazine also states, “Chao also plans to schedule future ‘mobile consul’ events in Tulsa to offer in-person help to those who can not travel to Little Rock.”

It is not clear at this time how Mexican citizens are able to travel to Tulsa, which is ten hours from the Mexican border, but not to Little Rock, AR, which is four hours from Tulsa.

VDare blogger, and Oklahoma City native, Allan Wall reported last year, when the consulate was being built:

Oklahoma does not (yet) have a Mexican consulate/illegal immigration encouragement station. But Chao is consul in the nearby state of Arkansas, in the new Little Rock consulate So, being next door to the Sooner State, he can still do some damage. [El Nacional July 5, 2007–México abre nuevo consulado en EU]

Now, here’s the 65-thousand-peso question: If cities in Oklahoma have now come under the “jurisdiction” of a foreign government, why are we having to struggle through language translators to get information about it? Shouldn’t this be all over the English-language press, as well?

(Hat-Tip, Voice of Tulsa)

More information about the Mexican Consulte in Arkansas on WorldNetDaily.