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Incomplete Immigration Solutions

December 6, 2007

The controversy continues with House Bill 1804. Attorney General Drew Edmondson has recently come under fire by many lawmakers for calling the proposed “Son of House Bill 1804” cruel.

“I think if he wants to start establishing state policy, then he needs to quit his job and become a legislator because we set the policy. It’s his job to enforce it,” says state Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City.

But the arguments don’t end there. State Rep. Shane Jett, R-Tecumseh, is proposing putting in a work visa program. It’s a system that would give an ID to illegal immigrants working here. It would require them to pay a penalty for entering illegally and then they would have to pay taxes.

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Update: Son Of House Bill 1804

December 4, 2007

State Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, is calling his proposal the “Son of House Bill 1804. He says he’s just trying to deal with unfinished business, and it’s drawing debate from both sides. State Rep. Shane Jett, R-Tecumseh, says “Son of 1804” is not the right way to go. “I think he’s biting off quite a bit,” says Jett.

Terrill is considering more immigration legislation for this upcoming session to bolster the existing bill.

“The centerpiece of that piece of legislation would be making English the official language of Oklahoma,” says Terrill. It would also give law enforcement the power to seize vehicles and property from those knowingly supporting illegal residents.

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