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Tulsa BOK Center: "Our City, Our Legacy"

March 6, 2008

The idea behind that tagline, according to Marketing Dirctor Casey Sparks, is, “Making the building feel like everybody is welcome and it is a good corporate citizen for Tulsa.”

Suzanne Stewart, senior vice president of the Metro Tulsa Convention and Visitors Bureau, added, “We’re not just wanting to bring people to Tulsa for a single event where they just buying a ticket and a hot dog. We want to tie in hotels and restaurants.”

For some time now, Celine Dion and Kenney Chesney have been booked to perform at the center. Now, a preseason match-up between the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic, and Celtic Thunder is scheduled to perform as well.

A poll on the center’s website asks which act Tulsans would most like to see open the center. Currently Carrie Underwood is the favorite, which Aerosmith close behind, and Garth Brooks a distant third.

Email To City Workers From Kathy Taylor

December 5, 2007


I want to take a moment to update you on the progress of the BOK Center.

The arena is in its 27th month of a 36-month construction schedule. The installation of glass and steel panels are being added, along with other tasks being completed by the hundreds of workers on site. Exciting developmenets are happening everyday to the structure and there are many more to come that will contribute to the success of this new point of pride for Tulsa. With the recent sellout of the ONEOK Club Seats and the huge success of the sale of tickets for the Celine Dion concert, we are already starting to experience the great potential for Tulsa to draw new tourism visitors – not just from Oklahoma, but from the entire region.

Just over the past few weeks I was pleased to announce some exciting new private sponsorships for the BOK Center.

– Today, the Oklahoma Ford Dealers committed to a 15-year Founder partnership by sponsoring two suites. Ford will also serve as the official automotive sponsor for the BOK Center. In total, the commitment from the Oklahoma Ford Dealers is $4.9 million.
– ONEOK has committed to at 15-year commitment totaling more than $5 million dollars for the naming rights to the premium seating level, club lounge, blue seating program, and for a founders suite and lounge box.
– Williams Company has committed to a 20-year commitment of more than $5 million dollars to help pay for the center-hung scoreboard, the sponsorship of sports event replays, and a founder suite.
– Cherokee Nation Enterprises has committed 10 years with a commitment of $2.3 million to a founder’s suite and the arena’s exclusive casino and destination resort.
– Cox Communications has committed a 10-year commitment totaling over $2.5 million for the arena’s official telecommunications provider.

These sponsorships represent another chapter in our public/private partnerships that we have formed to make this great building a
success. They are helping to enhance the funding commitment made by Tulsa citizens and help to leverage our public investment from Vision 2025.

Finally, I wanted to remind you that Tulsa’s own 66ers tip off their first home game tonight at 7 p.m. in the Expo Square Pavilion. If you and your family and friends need more information or to purchase tickets, just call 585-8444.

Please have a very safe and enjoyable weekend, and as always, thank you for all you do to make Tulsa such a great place to live!


Kathy Taylor


Mrs. Miftah Responds to Islamic Society of Tulsa Press Conference

November 16, 2007


I received an e-mail from Nageena Shahnaz Miftah, the wife of Jamal Miftah, responding individually to the seven people who spoke at the recent “press conference” (really a rally) held at the Islamic Society of Tulsa for the purpose of denouncing State Rep. Rex Duncan and other legislators who declined to receive a Koran from the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council. The seven speakers were there to condemn Duncan and the others as intolerant and bigoted.

Jamal Miftah was confronted at IST’s mosque in a threatening way, called anti-Islamic, and then expelled from the Islamic Society of Tulsa’s mosque, all because of an op-ed piece he wrote condemning those who commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam. The incident took place a year ago Saturday on November 18, 2006. Read more…

Trying To Improve Tulsa Streets

October 29, 2007

(TULSA, Okla.) October 28 – Mayor Kathy Taylor and city councilor Bill Martinson formed a panel that will come up with a Complete Our Streets plan.

The panel is holding a town hall meeting on October 29th, giving you the chance to share your comments.Potholes and bad roads are a common sight for some drivers in Tulsa.

The Complete Our Streets plan will involve a comprehensive survey of road conditions and the maintenance required.

Many drivers say the sooner the plan is put into place the better. And drivers say it’s for so many reasons. “Everywhere we turn we have to avoid this or that,” says one driver.

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Jenks Takes Tulsa Mayor To Court Over Proposed Toll Bridge

October 12, 2007
Tulsa – The City of Jenks is filing a lawsuit against Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor and Public Works Director Charles Hardt over a proposed toll bridge that would run from 121st and South Yale in Tulsa to 131st and South Yale Place in Jenks. Jenks officials accuse Tulsa officials of stalling the project.

The lawsuit alleges Mayor Taylor has not signed an engineering services contract that the City of Jenks needs to move forward on the bridge project.

Jenks city leaders say the contract must be signed in order for engineers to do very important studies. Jenks City Attorney Stephen Oakley says the contract has been on Mayor Taylor’s desk since the end of April. He says he didn’t want to take it as far as a lawsuit, but he has no other choice.

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River Tax Election Day Notes

October 9, 2007

Hat Tip: BatesLine

The proposal is for a county-wide sales tax rate increase of 0.4 cents on the dollar, increasing the county’s share of sales tax from 61/60ths (1.016666…) of a cent on each dollar to 85/60ths (1.416666…) of a cent on each dollar. The proceeds of the sales tax would be designated for river projects.

Here is a link to the text of the ballot resolution for the Tulsa County river sales tax, the signed and notarized commitment by the county to the voters regarding how the tax proceeds will be spent. As a backup, you can find the same text on the KJRH website.

The proponents of the tax have a website called opponents of the tax have a website called

The Arkansas River category in the BatesLine archives has what I’ve written about the current proposal as well as last fall’s The Channels proposal.

River Opponents React To New Incentives

September 27, 2007

Courtesy of KOTV

With the river tax vote two weeks away supporters are now courting the north side of Tulsa, where some community leaders have blasted the plan for neglecting black Tulsans. On Wednesday, Mayor Kathy Taylor held out a carrot worth millions of dollars for a yes vote. News On 6 anchor Latoya Silmon reports on the reaction to the promise of pools and playgrounds on the north side.

Many North Tulsa residents vowed to vote no, but river tax supporters are moving north to change their minds.

“I’m not surprised because divide and conquer has always been one thing used in the north side of Tulsa,” said Dr. Warren Blakney, Minister of the North Peoria Church of Christ. “If you can divide the vote than perhaps you can get what you need.”

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Sen Inhofe Against Tulsa River Tax

September 14, 2007

“I called Sen Inhofe’s office I received an immediately reply:

Sen. Inhofe will support the Tulsa River Tax if and only if the private donations are at least twice as much as the tax collected is.

As it currently stands with the amount verbally committed from the private sector, Sen Inhofe does not support the Tulsa River Tax.”

Tulsa Lawmakers Hold Rally

September 10, 2007

Hat tip: The Voice of Tulsa

In this video, City Councilors Roscoe Turner and Jack Henderson hold a rally against the River Tax and the hiring of Ron Palmer as Tulsa police chief.