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Defining Oklahoma Democrats

May 17, 2008

As Republicans continue to eat their own wounded and wonder why they are losing elections (see post below) Democrats are enjoying a little human flesh of their own. Evidently, cannibalism is not exclusive to Republican politics.

Calvin Rees has his tidy whities in an extreme bunch. Reese is claiming that Pat Hall has sold out and is “whoring himself out to Republicans.”

As the Democrat blogs attempt to rally around the Obama candidacy, it is becoming increasingly evident that not all is well in Democrat City and the flesh eating virus that has become the liberal blogosphere is showing its true colors. The concept of good government, for liberals anyway, is a thing of the past and the “true believers” in the party are supposedly the only ones who have the intellectual ability to discern which Democratic standard bearer will be their champion. The final result is an implosion not unlike what Republicans have experienced during the last two years of the Bush Administration.

In the now famous words of John Kerry, “bring it on!”

By way of illustration, no one can argue that Pat Hall isn’t a Democrat’s Democrat – he was at the 2004 convention and some even argue that he returned home to Oklahoma with a Kerry/Edwards tattoo across his posterior. But even a broken clock is right twice a day and his financial support of a well respected State Senator from Norman (Nichols) does show that there still may be hope for Pat Hall. Unfortunately, his flesh is far too tasty for the likes of Calvin Rees. Once again, boys and girls, the Democrats are about to snatch defeat from the hands of victory.

One final note: It is painfully ironic that Calvin Rees, who tars and feathers Democrats who support Republicans, has been pictured with numerous Republican operatives and even considers the uber-conservative Representative Mike Reynolds to be a friend.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat Blogosphere.

Richardson Receives Endorsement From Insignificant Democratic Activists

February 23, 2007 co-owner Calvin Reese (Right) pictured with “psuedo political consultant” Ron Black last summer.

From McCarville Report Online:

“Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson gained the support of three prominent Democratic bloggers and activists in Oklahoma today…

“Calvin Rees, Tim Reese and Jane Luttrell of lined up behind Richardson Friday. “Richardson is right for Oklahoma” said Calvin.”

“Tim Reese, of the blog said, “Richardson should be very popular in Oklahoma. His experience as Secretary of Energy gives him insight into stimulating domestic production of oil and gas which makes us less dependent on foreign oil.”

With the Reese Bros. endorsement of Bill Richardson – who is aiming to become our first Hispanic president – Richardson won’t have to worry about racist, stereotypical caricatures of himself appearing on their website anytime soon.

Any guesses on how quick Richardson’s people are going to flee from this unsolicited endorsement once we send this post to them?


February 16, 2007

It is rare that we feel compelled here at the Oklahoma Political News Service to issue two “hypocrisy watches” in the same week, but the Reese Brothers – our old friends at – have warranted this dubious honor. Those paragons of truthfulness, recently posted this on their website regarding our editor and OKPNS:

“I hear that urps computer has a special feature…. if you type “T R U T H” the entire website disappears.”

Are you kidding me????? This is from the same clowns who post edited recordings and offer such fine, upstanding citizen journalism as this and this? Give us a break!