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Worthen: Norman Lawmaker Should Apologize for Remark Insulting Teachers

April 25, 2007

Rep. Wallace Collins insults public education and his own literacy/intelligence at the same time!

An Oklahoma City lawmaker Tuesday renewed calls for Rep. Wallace Collins to apologize for insulting remarks he made about public education on the House floor.

“Collins claims he was just joking,” said Rep. Trebor Worthen (R-Oklahoma City). “But I don’t think professional educators find his remarks amusing. I certainly don’t. If he is able to be so flippant about something like this, I think it calls into question his so-called commitment to public education.”

On April 12, while discussing a bill on the House floor, Collins (D-Norman)stated, “I’m only a public school graduate, so I’m not very literate, if you could talk to me in a manner I can understand.”

“This is an insult not only to public educators, but also to the students who go through Oklahoma’s school system every day,” said Worthen. “I don’t think these kinds of comments on the House floor are becoming of a lawmaker. Instead of continuing to dismiss calls for an apology, Wallace Collins should do the right thing and say he’s sorry.”