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Queer Eye for the Regulator Guy

May 16, 2007

Oklahoma Republicans were beat to the punch once again by Democrat Governor Brad Henry with his selection of Jim Roth to the Corporation Commission.

Republicans scarcely raised an eyebrow at the controversial appointment of the openly gay liberal democrat. Roth was clearly the favorite of Chesapeake Energy Corporation, and that fact has several business groups clearly worried.

The “coal” lobby, which will be battling natural gas companies such as Chesapeake in the years to come over who will fuel new power plants, are big losers. But the big loser could be AT&T, who held a strangle hold on the commission for several years. It is believed Roth will side from Day 1 with AT&T-hating commissioner Bob Anthony.

While it was easy to see this one coming, Oklahoma Republicans and some business groups once again were thumped by a group of politicians who will never be confused with expert public relations operatives.