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Statement By George Faught

October 26, 2007
by Rep. George Faught

In an e-mail sent to all of Oklahoma’s state senators and representatives by Marjan Seirafi-Pour, the chairperson of the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council, we were notified that copies of the Quran decorated with the state’s centennial seal were going to be distributed to all Oklahoma state legislators.

The e-mail closed with the statement: “If you do not wish to receive a copy, please feel free to let me know.” In fact, the books have yet to be distributed.

For the council to offer an opt-out option, then imply in the media that lawmakers who declined the gift are being racially or ethnically insensitive is unfair, and seems politically charged. Many legislators, including myself, have notified Ms. Seirafi-Pour – by e-mail, as she requested – that we would like to politely decline the offer of this book.

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Gifts Are For Accepting

October 26, 2007
More sensible minds and softer hearts have redeemed some of Oklahoma’s dignity.

State Rep. Dan Sullivan, R-Tulsa, said he would accept gift copies of the Quran that 24 other state legislators have chosen not to accept. Sullivan said he would find homes for them. Speaker Lance Cargill, R-Harrah, said he will offer gift Bibles to members of the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council to encourage goodwill between Oklahoma Christians and Muslims.

The council offered each state legislator earlier this week an Oklahoma Centennial copy of the Quran. Gov. Brad Henry authorized the council in 2003 at the request of Oklahomans of Middle Eastern descent. Other ethnic groups in the state have similar councils.

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