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Why Don’t we Just Ban Smoking Inside the State of Oklahoma? (And put everyone on a diet, while we’re at it!)

February 19, 2008

Next the state will try to ban smoking in individuals’ cars and homes as well, said Sen. Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) who proposed an amendment to SB 1875 that would have simply banned all smoking within the state of Oklahoma, but the measure failed when the members of the committee – including Brogdon – refused to vote on the amendment.

Senate Bill 1875 passed the Senate Business and Labor Committee, and will move to the Senate. This bill reinforces current smoking bans, and expands the bans to bars, casinos and racetracks.

This legislation is part of a growing trend nationally by government officials to assume the responsibility for the personal health habits of its citizens. As previously noted by OKPNS, such smoking bans are becoming more common. In California, there is a move toward smoke-free apartments and condos.

Other health habits are under scrutiny, as well, as Mississippi’s House of Representatives is currently considering legislation to prohibit restaurants from serving obese customers and New York City Restaurants are banned from using trans fats.

Closer to home, Tulsa and Oklahoma City launched the Mayors’ Fitness Challenge, which is part of the national Mayors’ Healthy Cities Campaign, by the United States Conference of Mayors. At least participation in these tax-payer-funded programs is voluntary for citizens – for now.

Oklahoma City’s Going on a Diet…?

February 5, 2008

Can you put an entire city on a diet? Mayor Mick Cornett is trying to do exactly that, on a program called OKC Million:

Obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions and Oklahoma City wants to lead the way to a healthier nation. I invite all citizens of Oklahoma City to join up on this Web site and become healthier for a lifetime.

My goal in establishing this initiative is to bring awareness to the problem, introduce programs to help cure it, and inspire all citizens to become healthier and lose weight.

There are programs for Oklahoma City residents of all ages, and and even a meter to keep track of how many pounds enrollees have lost.

Last year, Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor had a similar program, called the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge for Tulsans:

I challenge kids, parents, and everyone in Tulsa to make fitness and health a top priority in your lives. You don’t have to become a marathon runner to achieve a fitter lifestyle — just get up and get moving!

Parents, be good role models for your kids: shoot some hoops, take a walk in the park, or take them for a bike ride along one of Tulsa’s great trails. And then provide your family with healthy, nutritious foods every day.

When we are active and consistently eating well-balanced meals, we will enjoy healthy and fulfilling lives. Join me today in getting fit and healthy for life!

These two city-wide campaigns are part of the larger state-wide Mayors’ Fitness Challenge, and now part of the national Mayors’ Healthy Cities Campaign, by the United States Conference of Mayors.