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Wilson Research Strategies May National Political Environment Assessment.

May 29, 2008

Wilson Research Strategies recently released its May 2008 edition of the National Political Environment Assessment. This edition analyzes this fall’s match up between Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain. Here are a few quotes from the report:

“Despite reports in the press about the “revolutionary” status of Barack Obama, current data points to an election that could look much like 2000 and 2004.”

“Compounding the problem with nationalizing an election is the fact that independent voters have not gotten the message they’re supposed to dislike Obama. In fact, Obama’s standing with independents is almost as strong with Democrats.”

“McCain and Republicans continue to enjoy a significant advantage with voters on trust and to handle terrorism. Obama has gained since February.”

Wilson Research Strategies: Clinton’s "3 A.M." Ad Unconvincing

March 20, 2008

By Aaron Blake

Despite all the hoopla over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) “3 a.m.” ad, political insiders say she suffers from a lack of credibility in the spot, and independents were not swayed by her message, according to a new survey.

The ad, which questions whom people would want to answer a phone ringing in the White House during the early morning hours when “something’s happening in the world,” has crystallized Clinton’s argument that Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) lacks experience.

A survey of 220 political insiders by Wilson Research Strategies, however, shows reviewers gave the ad a 4.3 out of 10 for its credibility and a 4.5 for its appeal. Independents were especially harsh, giving it a 4.4 overall.

Some observers have argued that such attacks on Obama might backfire in the general election.

A Zogby poll this week showed Americans, by a wide margin, would rather have GOP nominee Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) answer the 3 a.m. call than either Democrat. Read more..


Video: WRS CEO Chris Wilson on The Glenn Beck Show Discussing Hillary & Barack (1/14/08)

WRS Conducts Family Research Council Poll

January 24, 2008

New Poll: Americans Oppose Abortion Coverage in “Universal Health Care Plans”


FRC Action, the legislative action arm of Family Research Council, has released the results of a commissioned national survey showing that a clear majority of voters would be less likely to support a candidate who proposes a national health care plan that includes universal abortion coverage. The scientific survey by Wilson Research Strategies asked the following question of 801 likely voters: “If a candidate for the Presidency proposed a national health care plan with universal coverage of abortion at taxpayer expense, would you be more or less likely to vote for that candidate?”

A clear majority of voters (56%) signaled that they would be “less likely” to vote for a presidential candidate proposing universal abortion coverage compared to (31%) who would be “more likely” to support such a candidate. Intensity runs strongest among those opposed to the idea, with 45% indicating they would be “much less likely” to vote in favor of a candidate whose plan forced taxpayers to pay for abortion, compared to 19% who would be “much more likely” to endorse such a candidate. Opposition to universal abortion coverage crossed nearly every demographic including sex, race, region, and age.

Some of the poll’s most interesting findings include the following: Read more…

Video: WRS CEO Chris Wilson on Glenn Beck Show

January 15, 2008

Wilson Research Strategies Releases National Political Environment Assessment

January 14, 2008

Wilson Research Strategies released today its January 2008 edition of the National Political Environment Assessment. This edition focuses on framing the War in Iraq:

“Don’t ignore the war but don’t dwell on either. It’s still the most important issue to voters of both parties and independents,but voters are fatigued over hearing the “should we go or should we stay” debate. Some Democrats may try to make the campaign a referendum on the war, but increasing concerns about the economy and jobs provide other issues closer to home with which to attract votes not in favor of the war – an opportunity that was not available to Republicans in 2006.”

Wilson Research Strategies Surveys Edwards Ad

November 29, 2007

‘Politics of Parsing’ Web ad a hit, survey says

By Aaron Blake

Former Sen. John Edwards’s (D-N.C.) attempt to label Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as a parser was a hit across the board, according to a survey of political insiders by Wilson Research Strategies.

Edwards’s Web video, titled “The Politics of Parsing,” features clips of Clinton saying apparently contradictory things at a presidential debate in Philadelphia in late October.

As might be expected, Republicans scored it highest — a 7.9 on a scale of zero to 10. But Democrats and independents both scored it 6.6 or higher, which is well above the average for the survey. Read more…

Wilson Research Strategies Releases Early October 2007 Edition of National Political Environment Assessment

October 4, 2007

This edition focuses on the mortgage crisis, Iran, Iraq and the 2008 presidential primaries.

The data presented was collected from reputable news and academic polling organizations. The analysis and interpretation is Wilson Research Strategies’ own.

Wilson Research Strategies (WRS) to become part of Rodriguez-Wilson-Tarrance (RWT) Strategies

August 27, 2007

Lance Tarrance and Carlos Rodriguez are proud to announce that as of September 1, 2007 they are joining with Chris Wilson, CEO and Founder of Wilson Research Strategies, to form Rodriguez-Wilson-Tarrance (RWT) Strategies.

Tarrance is one of the most respected pollsters in America, and named one of the 150 people in the country influencing government by National Journal.

Rodriguez is a veteran campaign consultant and public affairs expert with more than 25 years experience at the local, state and national levels.


Wilson Research Strategies has released its early August 2007 edition of the National Political Environment Assessment. This edition focuses on global warming, infrastructure and the Kentucky and Louisiana gubernatorial races.

Wilson Research Strategies Releases Political Environment Assessment

August 1, 2007

Leading national Republican research and consulting firm Wilson Research Strategies, has released its early August 2007 edition of the National Political Environment Assessment.

This edition focuses on the war in Iraq and its impact on the current political climate.

WRS says the data presented in the report has been collected from reputable news and academic polling organizations, with analysis and interpretation by WRS.