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EXCLUSIVE: Commissioner Jim Roth Arrested for DUI in ’95; Resolution of Case a Mystery

May 29, 2008

Monday June 2nd begins Oklahoma’s filing period for elective offices, and thanks to the proliferation of blogs, Oklahomans will have more information about candidates than ever before.

Some of the information will be items that the old and slow media, dogged by conflicts of interest from their wealthy owners, simply will not share with their readers, listeners and viewers. Some information will get altered, due to people like Mike Turpen, who tried to kill an extraordinary, and true, story that was damaging to his buddy Drew Edmondson. Some information is tainted, as exemplified by Turpen continually pimping his clients, without disclosing that fact to his viewers on the formerly respected political affairs show Flashpoint.

Further, with the slow and lazy Oklahoma media, the last minute dirty trick has become standard operating procedure. Responses through traditional media seldom are successful. Sometimes the press makes value judgments that a particular claim is in fact a dirty trick when it is not: the press erred when it did not take seriously Gary Jones’ campaign claims about disgraced Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan. The press didn’t do its job, and the voters did not have the information they deserved before they re-elected McMahan. Some watchdog, huh?

But there’s also the clever tactic some candidates use when, in the rare occasions the press actually does their job and uncovers real character issues, to denigrate the information by actually employing the ‘victim’ mode: “they’re throwing mud,”as the saying goes.

At OKPNS, we think open and vigorous discussion is what the votes deserve. After yesterday’s revelations about Corporation Commissioner Jeff Cloud’s ties to the George Soro’s radical-left Aspen Institute, it seems another issue that could dog corporation commission elections is beginning surfacing.

OKPNS has obtained a copy of an arrest report that is being circulated. Commissioner Roth was arrested December 12, 1995 after 2 AM in a section of town known for its gay nightlife. Roth was arrested for DUI and following too closely. He refused the arresting officer’s request for the “implied consent request,” most likely a blood or breathalyzer test, and he was accompanied by Joe Mark Elkouri, a special municipal judge, who according to the arresting officer’s report, appears to bargain with the officers to make the officer “forget this happened.” The officer refused, and called in a supervising official. Elkouri died less than a year later after what the paper referred to as a lengthy illness.

It should be noted that the report by the arresting officer is in a public document that represents the officer’s opinion that Roth was intoxicated. There are no attachments to the documents detailing how the case was adjudicated, and there is no indication from the report that Roth was involved in the effort to make the officer “forget this happened.”

Excerpt from the police report. (Click here, here, and here to read entire report. Click on image to enlarge)

“(Elkouri) then stated to this officer, “There must be something I can do to make you forget this happened.” I informed(Elkouri) that there was nothing he could do and that (Roth) was under arrest for DUI. (Elkouri) continued to state that he was a special judge and that (Roth) should not be arrested.”

Undoubtedly, this document would have surfaced in the late hours of either the primary or general election. Now it’s out in the open, regardless, the public will, and Roth’s opponents, will demand an explanation for his behavior.

Some will say the incident, which happened in December 1995, is unfair to Roth because it was so long ago. That’s non-sense. It’s been nearly 40 years since Chappaquiddick, and Sen. Kennedy is yet to come clean. George W. Bush was hit with a DUI revelation less than 48 hours before the 2000 election. There were no Democrats screaming foul on that night. The public deserves to know, and Roth deserves time to make that explanation.


Ghost Commissioner, Gay Commissioner: What You See Is NOT What You Get!

May 27, 2008

Judging by the information we at OKPNS are receiving, it’s the two corporation commissioner races that will present the most drama this summer and fall, especially when considering the intrigue surrounding the two incumbents: Democrat Jim Roth and Republican Jeff Cloud.

While we know the U.S. Senate race between incumbent U.S Sen. Jim Inhofe and State Sen. Andrew Rice, D-Oklahoma City, will be entertaining, the musical chairs theater that is developing over at the commission promises multiple story lines.

Roth became the first openly Gay person to hold a state-wide elected office when he was appointed by Gov. Brad Henry in May of 2007, replacing Commissioner Denise Bode. Per the Oklahoma Constitution, Roth is running for the last two years of Bode’s term.

Cloud was elected to a six-year term by the voters in 2002, and according to reports is running for another six years.

The only problem is, what you’re hearing about these races is just not true.

Electing Roth is the number 1 priority for Chesapeake Energy. Chesapeake championed Roth’s appointment in the first place, and their officials have made it clear that they want Roth in the six-year seat that Cloud now holds. Cloud, like Roth, supported Chesapeake’s successful campaign that stopped construction a coal-fired power plant and is seen as such a good friend to Chesapeake and the petroleum companies that he has a standing job offer from an unnamed natural gas company. According to sources, the sticking point has been the salary: Cloud wants in the neighborhood of what Bode took to become CEO of the Clean Skies Foundation, but his potential suitor believes Cloud is nowhere near as valuable as former Commissioner Bode, a national energy policy expert who headed the Independent Petroleum Association of America prior to her ten-year run at the corporation commission. Further, Cloud has gained a reputation as being so uninspiring and lethargic that insiders tell OKPNS that Republican Commissioner Bob Anthony’s pet name for Cloud is the “ghost commissioner.”

It’s a good bet that the puppeteers over at Chesapeake do not want two of their favorites running against each other, so based upon what Chesapeake officials are repeating, their expressed desire to have Roth in the six-year seat would indicate Cloud is in the way. Some are suggesting to OKPNS that Cloud knows he is leaving, but using time as leverage to increase the value of his compensation package. “Chesapeake would much rather have Roth than Cloud: he’s sharper, harder working and has become an extraordinary ally for them, and besides, they have a much more energetic person than Cloud ready to put into the two-year term,” one corporation commission insider tells OKPNS, “so while Cloud is a friend, Chesapeake has others they want on the commission that simply will work harder than Jeff.”

So where does that leave the other announced candidates? Until Cloud divulges his intentions, or is forced by his potential employer to make finally make a move, the others are forced to wait. “It’s not even out of the realm of possibility that Cloud and Roth will eventually reach an accommodation, and that Roth will file against Cloud, who would then drop out AFTER filing to thwart others,” says another political observer familiar with Chesapeake’s concerns.

So while Roth and Cloud are different in every conceivable way except their allegiance to Chesapeake, it appears that the two are very dependent on each other to get what they want. So even after filing is over next Wednesday, we may still have no clue how this drama is going to play out. OKPNS will keep following this developing story.

Environmentalist Wackos in OK; The Heck With the Planet, Someone Save the Humans!

May 17, 2008
So how’s that ‘eco-friendly’ feeling now? When corporation commission officials nuked a proposed coal generating plant last year, ostensibly because coal fired plants are just too “dirty”, the environmentalists and their buddies at Chesapeake energy cheered. Now folks in northeast Oklahoma are finding out the real dirt is in their electricity bills because of the rapidly escalating cost of natural gas.

The phony coalition formed by Chesapeake to oppose the construction of cheaper and more economically-reliable coal plants in favor of plants fired by price-volatile natural gas beat back a proposal fronted by the incompetent team at Oklahoma City-based OG&E. OKPNS chronicled the hapless effort the utility made on behalf of coal, but the natural gas syndicate won primarily because they own two members of the commission: Jim Roth, the official Chesapeake errand butt boy, and light weight commissioner Jeff Cloud, who is rumored to have a standing job offer from a “natural gas” company. One can only guess who.

Ironically, both Roth and Cloud, if he files, face re-election this fall. Insiders say Cloud is being offered far, far below the salary former commissioner Denise Bode took to head up Chesapeake’s anti-coal working group based in Washington.

From (4/27/06):

Even in this “era of corporate social responsibility,” brazen violations of honesty, transparency and accountability standards occur regularly. Exhibit 1: the recent “Coal is filthy” ad campaign.

Prominent advertisements in major US papers featured an ethnic spectrum of smudge-faced California models, whose misleading claims about emissions from coal-fired electrical generating plants were reinforced by a website. The campaign urged citizens to tell government officials, “No more filthy coal plants.”

But the Coalition wasn’t another gaggle of environmental pressure groups, like those listed on the website. It was a cabal of natural gas companies, led by Chesapeake Energy of Oklahoma. Their goal wasn’t really helping Americans get “clean skies” and “live longer,” as their ads proclaimed. It was fattening corporate wallets.

Cloud, unlike Bode, doesn’t posses an impressive body of work and is rumored to be, shall we say, not that enthusiastic about hard work, which is important if the offer comes from Chesapeake, since screwing the public, like rust, never sleeps.

Regardless, some Oklahomans can soon experience for themselves the results of the phony global warming scam that allows greedy power companies to exploit the public’s fear so that long-term energy policies are based on emotions rather than reason. Ethanol anybody?

So now some Oklahomans will see their electric rates take a major hike in a few days, and based upon some estimations, natural gas prices will double in the next couple of years. So any money you have left over from purchasing artificially-inflated food and automobile fuel will fly out of your pockets for your electric bill. Shunning coal for natural gas may sound great, until reality hits. Thanks to the climate change hysteria created by idiots like Algore, Chesapeake has committed daylight robbery, and gotten away with it. So it’s grab your ankles time in Oklahoma:

Dr. natural gas will now administer your treatment.

So here’s the environmental scores for tonight: Chesapeake is going to make more obscene profits, Oklahomans will soon begin sending corporate welfare to Chesapeake’s basketball team and in gratitude, Chesapeake will now return the favor by screwing those same people on their utility bills.

It’s been a very busy year for the folks at 63rd and Western, but there’s much more lying, stealing and even a few folks they haven’t hosed out there yet. Now THAT’s an inconvenient, and unfortunate, truth.

Domestic Partners: Aubrey McClendon & Jim Roth

May 15, 2008

Since the mainstream media has rolled over and played dead on this issue, it’s great to see Mark Shannon and the blogosphere do their jobs for them.


Why AUBREY MCCLENDON would be an Honorary Co-Chairman for a homosexual candidate for CORPORATION COMMISSIONER. Mighty convenient when you’re in the OIL AND GAS BUSINESS, don’t you think? No conflict in interest there, huh? No ethical questions? No appearance of wrong-doing, do ya think??!!!?!?!

In a letter mailed to friends by Mr. Bennett and Mr. McClendon they state, “Moving Oklahoma forward by making it a better place to work and live is a mutual goal. Jim Roth also shares our vision of a pro-growth Oklahoma.” They continue, “As the Incumbent, he is a leader that demonstrates the vision, integrity and experience necessary for the responsibility of this position.”

(Insiders tell me that AUBREY is upset with REPUBLICANS because they won’t rescind 1804, making it easier for Chesapeake companies like TOTAL ENVIRONMENT to more easily hire cheap, illegal, labor.

Apparently one of McClendon’s minions has been calling in Republicans on various levels of government and reading them the riot act, TELLING THEM they should bend to his will. Apparently only Harry TURN Coates is willing to do his bidding, because 1804 still stands.) Read more…


EXCLUSIVE: Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Ambush Planned for Rep. Terrill

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 2): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Is Sen. Coates Working for the People or Chesapeake Energy?

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Video: Out Running: Jim Roth

March 20, 2008

Profile of openly LGBT Oklahoma County Commissioner Jim Roth

Coincidence? Who is behind the attacks of Sally Kern? (Upated – Gay "non-agenda" Protest Scheduled for Tuesday Morning)

March 17, 2008

Scroll down for update.

Remember that audio tape “anonymously” released to the blogosphere by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund which resulted in Oklahoma’s Sally Kern (R-OKC) being stalked and threatened by gay activists nationwide?

OKPNS has learned that there are two Oklahoma candidates actively seeking re-election, that are activly being supported by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund.

Jim Roth, according to the site, “Originally elected to public office in 2002, Jim Roth became the first openly LGBT elected official in Oklahoma history when he won a seat on the Oklahoma County Commission.”

In his public response to the releasing of Kern’s statement to the legislator, Roth said:

As a public official I have taken an oath to serve 100 percent of our citizens and I only wish that Representative Kern would honor the same spirit of our democracy…My focus is on serving the citizens of Oklahoma, not on responding to the rantings of an angry legislator. We all have a duty to serve all people. The politics of division and demagoguery only steal the future from what our state needs for everyone’s sake.

Al McCaffrey (D-OKC), the first LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bi-Sexual/Transgender) person to ever serve in the Oklahoma legislature when he was elected in 2006, who according to the Victory Fund site, is “currently in the process of creating a political action committee to help fund LGBT candidates in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas.”

McCaffrey commented:

It saddens me that we hear bigotry from our representatives. There is not a gay agenda. There are a lot of people who have money who are willing to support progressive candidates. [I am a father and grandfater] nd I happen to be gay. I think we need to look at individuals.

Updated: A group is meeting outside the courthouse tomorrow to promote this gay activists “non-agenda,” and McCaffrey’s “hate crimes” legislation proposal, which groups a verbal attack on homosexuals in which physical attacks including murder. For more information see the OGLPC’s Pink Papers.

Sally Kern maintains that her comments were taken out of context, that she was speaking out against the gay activist agenda, and not against individuals. To watch a video, and hear a complete discussion from Kern, explaining her position and her comments, go here.

Roth Says He Wants To Keep Commissioner Job

December 7, 2007
by Erin Boeckman
Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth announced Tuesday that he will campaign to retain the seat Gov. Brad Henry appointed him to this year. “One year from now my name will appear on Oklahoma’s statewide ballot,” Roth said in a news release.

Henry appointed Roth to the Corporation Commission position left vacant by Denise Bode in May 2007. She left to serve as chief executive officer of the American Clean Skies Foundation. Roth was sworn in on June 1, joining commissioners Bob Anthony and Jeff Cloud.

“I love my job,” he said in a news release. “Every day I go to work energized and excited that I have the opportunity to serve Oklahoma and try to make a positive difference for our state. The Corporation Commission has an awesome responsibility. As the public body that regulates oil and gas drilling, utilities and certain areas in telecommunications and transportation, the commission has a huge impact on our state’s economy and our citizens’ lives. I want to make sure that impact is positive for our future.”

Read More

Oklahoma Corporate Commissioner Jim Roth

September 20, 2007

100 days ago Governor Brad Henry appointed me as your public servant to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. In these 100 days I have worked hard to analyze where we are as a State, a Commission and a citizenry and I am very excited about our collective future. I am grateful to my Commission colleagues Jeff Cloud and Bob Anthony for their professionalism, assistance and interest in our State’s future.

The issues of American energy are far too complex to fairly address in this short column, but I am hopeful the following information will inspire you to think about a future in which YOU can better control your own future energy needs and costs. How? Energy Efficiency.

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Dumb and Dumber Part 3

September 11, 2007

OKPNS has been on top of the developing story regarding the proposed coal-fired power plant near Red Rock. News outlets are reporting that OG&E and PSO power companies are ‘shocked’ by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s plans to reject the application for the facility.

“They used their opponent’s ad agency, they had no advocacy program, they were simply naive’ and foolish,” says one insider. Chesapeake Energy, who worked hard to get Gov. Brad Henry to place Commissioner Jim Roth on the commission after Denise Bode’s resignation, simply outmaneuvered the utilities. “OG&E and PSO are typically ignorant, as are most Oklahoma businesses, about the new modern rules of political engagement. If they’re shocked, they’re dumber than we think.”

Here’s the story from today’s Journal Record:

Rep. Reynolds Believes Corporation Commissioner’s Campaign Contributions to Attorney General Violated State Law

July 29, 2007

Further proof that Drew Edmondson thinks he’s above the law?

Contact: State Rep. Mike Reynolds
Capitol: (405) 557-7337

OKLAHOMA CITY (July 27, 2007) – It appears newly appointed Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth has violated state law by giving illegal campaign contributions to Attorney General Drew Edmondson, state Representative Mike Reynolds said today.

“While reviewing Attorney General Drew Edmondson’s recent letter to the Ethics Commission admitting to being an illegal conduit for political contributions I discovered that not only did he give illegal contributions but he received them as well,” said Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City.

“The issue at hand is two different contributions given from the campaign account of County Commissioner Jim Roth to the campaign account of Drew Edmondson. After careful scrutiny of the ethics rules, applicable statutes and discussions with officials in the State Ethics Commission, I believe Roth’s contributions violated state law.”

Reynolds has routinely been a watchdog over various filings at the Ethics Commission and is recognized as an expert in ethics database issues.

The contributions in question were given in October 2005 and May 2006. Both contributions were recorded in Edmondson’s reports as being from the Jim Roth for County Commissioner campaign committee.

“Under normal circumstances I would have gone to the Attorney General and asked for an investigation into the matter since it included highly placed public officials, but I obviously was not going to ask the A.G. to investigate himself,” Reynolds said.

The South Oklahoma City lawmaker also noted that he could not find any reference to the contributions in Roth’s ethics reports.

“I hope Commissioner Roth was not attempting to hide these contributions because he did not list them on line 16a of his County Commissioner ethics report which is also required by law,” Reynolds said.