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From Grass To Gas

October 30, 2007

As soon as Oklahoma became a state it led the nation in oil production. Things have fallen off since, but King Oil still brings a pretty penny to the state’s coffers. Those in the know say Oklahoma’s poised to lead a second energy boom, fueled by the majestic grasses of our native prairies. News On 6 anchor Scott Thompson reports in our next hundred years, it looks like we’ll be paying homage to King Switchgrass.

It’s been a mainstay of Oklahoma’s tall grass prairies since those grasses first sprouted eons ago. Plowed under for farming, switchgrass today stands at a new frontier. All that grass could make Oklahoma the Saudi Arabia of biofuels.

“There are stands of switchgrass from the old days that some agronomists have that are 18 to 20-years-old. Well that’s got to be a benefit that’s a big benefit,” said Dr. Joe Bouton of the Noble Foundation. “See, corn and some of the other biomass crops like sorghum have to be planted every year, and so that’s a risk the farmer has to take.”

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