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A Working Spring Break Brings Families to Capitol

March 27, 2007

Hello again, everybody! Every year, the Oklahoma Legislature works through the Spring Break that students enjoy across the state.

That leads to one of the Capitol’s most happy traditions. Spring Break at the Capitol is a chance for families to be together as spouses and children of legislators often spend the week in Oklahoma City while we are working.

Jacob and Deena got to come up and stay with me during Spring Break. Most of my colleagues had children or grandchildren visiting and the long marble halls of the Capitol reverberated with the children’s laughter.

Everyone at the Capitol was surprised how big Jacob had gotten. Since I haven’t given a “Jacob Report” in a while, he is now 15 months old and walking (and running) very well. He is full of smiles for his mom and dad, and he had a great time playing in my office and seeing all the people at the Senate.

The week was even more special for my family and me because my Uncle Alva Gumm was the Senate’s chaplain for the week. Uncle Alva – who was born in Marshall County, lives in Grayson County, and pastors Murray Hill Freewill Baptist Church in southern Bryan County – is marking four decades in the ministry.

A member of his congregation at Murray Hill sent me an email several months ago suggesting that it would be appropriate for the Senate to mark Uncle Alva’s achievement of serving the Lord and his congregation for so long. I absolutely agreed.

Last Wednesday, the Senate – in front of dozens of my uncle’s family and members of his congregation – unanimously passed a resolution honoring him for his lifetime of service to the Lord, his family and the people who look to him for spiritual guidance. Uncle Alva has always been a tremendous influence on my life. Clearly, he has been a similar influence on the people of his congregation.

It was a joy to have my family with me last week. Having family close is a luxury we do not often have during the legislative session. Deena and Jacob “recharge my batteries,” and having them close last week helped to keep me focused on what is important about my job as your senator.

In every decision we at the Capitol make, making the future better for Oklahoma families must be at the core of our work. That is true whether it be developing an umbilical cord blood bank to allow more families to take advantage of life-saving procedures, or passing a “Back-to-School” sales tax holiday to keep more money in the pockets of hard-working Oklahomans.

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