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Changing Leadership

February 4, 2008

By Rep. Jason Murphey

This week the House of Representatives took action to elect a new Speaker of the House. While I look forward to working with new House Speaker Chris Benge, I think it is important to acknowledge the accomplishments of former House Speaker Lance Cargill.

When I sought your vote for State Representative, I did so for very specific reasons: I wanted to shrink the size of state government and the high level of taxes we are forced to pay to support it. As I visited with the people, they told me of their belief that there is much waste in government. They also helped me realize how important it is for strong leaders to attack that waste. In advocating for change, I wanted to reduce the salaries of Oklahoma legislators (the third-highest paid part-time legislators in the nation), adhere to a policy of refusing all personal gifts and political contributions from lobbyists, oppose pork earmarks, and advocate for legislation that turns up the heat on legislators who accept lobbyists’ gifts.

Some have said that taking such controversial stands would make it difficult to work with the leadership of the House. Cargill saw to it that this was not the case. He honored my desire to work for change and asked me to join his study to modernize state government. This study has demonstrated that Oklahoma has 515 agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs), which is almost 2½ times the size of comparable states. Read more…


Regular readers of the Oklahoma Political News Service read it here first that Benge would probably be the new speaker.

Murphy Says She’s "Best Choice for Corporation Commission"

January 30, 2008

(Edmond, OK) As another candidate tosses his hat into the Corporation Commissioner race, Edmond oil and gas attorney and longtime Republican political activist Dana Murphy says Oklahomans need to remember to select the best choice for Corporation Commission.

“Right now we need the best qualified people serving Oklahoma,” says Murphy. “Oklahoma needs a person with proven experience and skills in the areas served by the Corporation Commission.”

“I am an oil and gas attorney who served nearly six years as an administrative law judge at the Commission, spent 10 years in the field as a geologist, appeared before the Commission representing my clients, and gave testimony before the Commission as an expert witness.

“No other candidate has the experience I have when it comes to working at and with the Corporation Commission. Compare our records and experience; I am confident you’ll find that I have unmatched qualifications.

“In this critical time for the energy industry and our state, we don’t need to send someone to the Commission who needs significant on-the-job training. I have the education, the experience and the knowledge of the Commission and the issues to hit the ground running, working for Oklahomans from day one.

“I have spent my entire adult career preparing for this job. I have no aspirations of higher political office, no dreams of political glory. As a fifth generation Oklahoman, I want to use my talents and abilities to serve the state that has done so much for me and my family by serving as a Corporation Commissioner.”


TMRO: As Expected, Rob Johnson Joins Dana Murphy In Corporation Commission Race

Oklahoma Energy: Successful Past, Bright Future

December 31, 2007

By: Dana Murphy

In one hundred years Oklahoma has gone from being the new kid on the block to being a leader in energy. Most of us know the story of Oklahoma’s oil boom in the early 1900s. Back then Tulsa was the place for all things oil. Getty, Skelly, Kerr, McGee, Tom Slick, Helmerich and Payne…the list goes on and on of famous oil men turning black gold into jobs, revenue and a future for our state.

A century later the boom has moved from oil to natural gas and throughout Oklahoma. Chesapeake, Devon, Newfield, SandRidge and many others are the newest kids on the block, bringing jobs, taxes, royalty income and prosperity through new, unconventional reservoirs. Oil and natural gas again rank number one economically in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma continues to lead on the national energy front. Based on 2006 data, Oklahoma ranked third in natural gas production and fifth in oil production in the United States.

Oklahoma State University, The University of Oklahoma and The University of Tulsa are among the elite universities educating tomorrow’s energy leaders. The Noble Foundation and other groups are at the forefront of developing today’s and tomorrow’s fuels. Consumers have benefited greatly, as Oklahoma’s energy prices consistently rank among the nation’s lowest.

While the fuel on the shelf is still natural gas and oil, keeping that fuel readily available involves more advanced technology and significantly greater expense. Oklahomans and Americans must encourage further domestic oil and gas development, and make more efficient use of these precious resources in our vehicles, homes and businesses.

In an era of declining oil and gas resources, alternative fuels are becoming more vital to our future. Currently, we’re developing wind power, solar energy, hydrogen power and bio fuels. Coal, once a staple of energy, is being reinvented through improving technology as a source of cleaner, increasingly efficient power.

Oklahomans have always been innovative, persevering and resourceful —a proud tradition which continues. With the potential to provide 10 percent of America’s electricity needs, Oklahoma already ranks sixth nationally for wind farm capacity. OG&E, AEP/PSO, the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority and a growing number of Oklahoma Electric Cooperatives are helping lead the way with wind power.

It’s up to Oklahoma to advance and maximize fossil fuel extraction, while simultaneously cultivating new energy sources. We have the talent, the will and the knowledge to make Oklahoma a vital player on today’s and tomorrow’s world energy stage.

We must encourage our universities, energy companies and power providers to research, test and move to market, every form of viable, renewable energy possible


Government has a significant role to play through working with the public and private sectors to initiate, facilitate and provide the right incentives for research and development. According to former Secretary of Energy Bob Sullivan, a significant, untapped Oklahoma resource also lies in utilizing the knowledge of senior managers and retirees of energy companies to help move us forward.

Challenge and excitement lie ahead for the energy industry and consumers alike. We’re watching the slow but steady addition of alternative fuels along with development of new unconventional reservoirs of oil and natural gas. Oklahoma, with its rich tradition of leadership in the energy industry, is poised to continue that greatness in the coming years.

The more we use power wisely and conserve, the more we lower our personal energy costs, protect our environment, maximize use of all energy forms and improve national security through reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Working together, the people of Oklahoma and Oklahoma’s energy industry can lead our nation and the world to a future with exciting energy opportunities.

Dana Murphy is a fifth generation Oklahoman who is a republican candidate for the Corporation Commission seat currently held by Jim Roth. Murphy is a geologist, an attorney and a former Commission administrative law judge.

Corporation Commission Candidate Dana Murphy "Energized by Early Support

November 9, 2007

Contact: Jaylynn Richardson, 405-607-6677

OKLAHOMA CITY) Since I launched my campaign last week, I have been overwhelmed with support from across the state. It is a humbling feeling to have many Oklahomans already encouraging and supporting me.

Oklahomans need to know that I am an agent of change, someone who will look out for everyday Oklahomans and can be trusted to make decisions which are fair and for the highest good of all citizens; someone who understands both rural and urban areas and the impact of energy on both family and business budgets and ways of life.

With energy costs chewing a hole through the pocketbook like never before, we must develop Oklahoma resources in new and different ways to provide today and tomorrow’s affordable power. Oil and gas will always be important, but we must advance the use of wind, hydro, bio-fuels, solar and other evolving fuel sources in Oklahoma.

Experienced, honest, visionary leadership is a must if we are to grow our state in reaching its energy potential. As a geologist, oil and gas attorney and former OCC Administrative Law Judge, I am ready to step up and help lead the charge to make Oklahoma an energy innovator in the U.S. and the world.

For more information about my campaign for Corporation Commission, please visit ..

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Republican Leader Dana Murphy Announces Candidacy for Corporation Commission

November 5, 2007


Contact: Jaylynn Richardson, 405-361-2992

(OKLAHOMA CITY) Conservative Republican leader Oklahoman Dana Murphy announced her campaign for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission today. She pledges to use common sense conservative principles to ensure consumer protection and fundamentally fair regulations for regulated entities while helping advance Oklahoma into the future. Murphy is running for the seat vacated by former Commissioner Denise Bode earlier this year.

Her judicial experience at the Commission as an Administrative Law Judge, professional experience in the oil and gas industry as a geologist and attorney, and voluntary service as Vice Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party, along with her Oklahoma background, make Murphy one of the most uniquely qualified individuals to serve as a Commissioner.

For her outstanding public service at the Commission for almost 6 years, Murphy received the 2001 Commissioner’s Public Servant Award. “I was fortunate to grow up in a large family devoted to Oklahoma farming, ranching and the energy business, so I learned early on the importance of a strong work ethic, committed service to others and care for
our land and resources.”

“From my service at the Commission, I know first-hand the Corporation Commission directly impacts our daily lives. Every time we flip a light switch, adjust the thermostat, and pump fuel into our cars, we have been affected by the Corporation Commission. As an Administrative Law Judge, I presided over more than 5,000 cases at the Corporation
Commission. I’m ready and prepared to hit the ground running to do what’s right and tackle the challenging and often complex issues faced by the Commission.

“I’m running because I believe Oklahomans deserve a commissioner who has a great balance of academic, legal and business credentials to best serve the State. In the constantly changing regulatory and market conditions impacting Oklahoma consumers and businesses, it is extremely important to elect the best qualified and most knowledgeable individuals.”

She also believes that by encouraging energy development and innovation, advancing conservation and promoting energy efficiency in the workplace and at home, the Commission can help lead Oklahoma into a brighter future.

“I’ll be a watchdog for Oklahomans at the Commission. Too often, citizens are overlooked in favor of a narrow special interest group that puts its interests ahead of what’s best for the people of our state. I pledge to work my hardest to make Oklahoma a place of bustling commerce and fair deals for the ratepayers,” she adds.

A fifth generation Oklahoman and Woodward native, Murphy now lives in Edmond where she owns and operates an oil and gas legal practice. She graduated in 1983 from Oklahoma State University with a degree in geology. After working for 10 years as a geologist, she earned her law degree cum laude from Oklahoma City University in 1993.
For more information about Dana Murphy’s campaign for Corporation Commission, please visit .