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New Site Breaks "Future News"

June 27, 2007

Our Buddy Jimmie Martin over at Oklahoma Opinions has started a new blog called “Breaking Future News.” It is a much needed satirical sabbatical from the daily news of murder, mayhem, and our elected officials who no longer feel they need to pay attention to us. Martin describes his new venture as “a look at present trends and individuals and a wild guess at future news events!” He even takes a shot at himself by proclaiming, misspelings and gramatical errors are a signature literary techinque of the blogmaster.”

Here is a sample of what you’ll find on the site. Enjoy!

Marriage Declared Illegal

In a close vote the Senate of the United States passed the “Marriage Annulment Act of 2012” today which prohibits future marriages and declares those presently in place annulled. The bill was sponsored by a consortium of groups including the ACLU, UN Commission on the family, Planned Parenthood, labor groups and the NEA.

In a prepared statement the executive committee of the NEA, speaking for the consortium said that irreparable harm is being done to single parent children. “It is just not fair for some to have two parents and we must level the playing field so that one parent children will have the same self respect and monetary benefits that double parent members enjoy.

FEMA has been instructed to provide mobile homes to the fathers who must move out of the two parent homes. Same sex couples were exempted from the provisions of the bill.President Hillary R. Clinton favors the bill as does United Nations Secretary Bill Clinton who was the principle author.