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Environmentalist Wackos in OK; The Heck With the Planet, Someone Save the Humans!

May 17, 2008
So how’s that ‘eco-friendly’ feeling now? When corporation commission officials nuked a proposed coal generating plant last year, ostensibly because coal fired plants are just too “dirty”, the environmentalists and their buddies at Chesapeake energy cheered. Now folks in northeast Oklahoma are finding out the real dirt is in their electricity bills because of the rapidly escalating cost of natural gas.

The phony coalition formed by Chesapeake to oppose the construction of cheaper and more economically-reliable coal plants in favor of plants fired by price-volatile natural gas beat back a proposal fronted by the incompetent team at Oklahoma City-based OG&E. OKPNS chronicled the hapless effort the utility made on behalf of coal, but the natural gas syndicate won primarily because they own two members of the commission: Jim Roth, the official Chesapeake errand butt boy, and light weight commissioner Jeff Cloud, who is rumored to have a standing job offer from a “natural gas” company. One can only guess who.

Ironically, both Roth and Cloud, if he files, face re-election this fall. Insiders say Cloud is being offered far, far below the salary former commissioner Denise Bode took to head up Chesapeake’s anti-coal working group based in Washington.

From (4/27/06):

Even in this “era of corporate social responsibility,” brazen violations of honesty, transparency and accountability standards occur regularly. Exhibit 1: the recent “Coal is filthy” ad campaign.

Prominent advertisements in major US papers featured an ethnic spectrum of smudge-faced California models, whose misleading claims about emissions from coal-fired electrical generating plants were reinforced by a website. The campaign urged citizens to tell government officials, “No more filthy coal plants.”

But the Coalition wasn’t another gaggle of environmental pressure groups, like those listed on the website. It was a cabal of natural gas companies, led by Chesapeake Energy of Oklahoma. Their goal wasn’t really helping Americans get “clean skies” and “live longer,” as their ads proclaimed. It was fattening corporate wallets.

Cloud, unlike Bode, doesn’t posses an impressive body of work and is rumored to be, shall we say, not that enthusiastic about hard work, which is important if the offer comes from Chesapeake, since screwing the public, like rust, never sleeps.

Regardless, some Oklahomans can soon experience for themselves the results of the phony global warming scam that allows greedy power companies to exploit the public’s fear so that long-term energy policies are based on emotions rather than reason. Ethanol anybody?

So now some Oklahomans will see their electric rates take a major hike in a few days, and based upon some estimations, natural gas prices will double in the next couple of years. So any money you have left over from purchasing artificially-inflated food and automobile fuel will fly out of your pockets for your electric bill. Shunning coal for natural gas may sound great, until reality hits. Thanks to the climate change hysteria created by idiots like Algore, Chesapeake has committed daylight robbery, and gotten away with it. So it’s grab your ankles time in Oklahoma:

Dr. natural gas will now administer your treatment.

So here’s the environmental scores for tonight: Chesapeake is going to make more obscene profits, Oklahomans will soon begin sending corporate welfare to Chesapeake’s basketball team and in gratitude, Chesapeake will now return the favor by screwing those same people on their utility bills.

It’s been a very busy year for the folks at 63rd and Western, but there’s much more lying, stealing and even a few folks they haven’t hosed out there yet. Now THAT’s an inconvenient, and unfortunate, truth.

Dumb and Dumber Part 3

September 11, 2007

OKPNS has been on top of the developing story regarding the proposed coal-fired power plant near Red Rock. News outlets are reporting that OG&E and PSO power companies are ‘shocked’ by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s plans to reject the application for the facility.

“They used their opponent’s ad agency, they had no advocacy program, they were simply naive’ and foolish,” says one insider. Chesapeake Energy, who worked hard to get Gov. Brad Henry to place Commissioner Jim Roth on the commission after Denise Bode’s resignation, simply outmaneuvered the utilities. “OG&E and PSO are typically ignorant, as are most Oklahoma businesses, about the new modern rules of political engagement. If they’re shocked, they’re dumber than we think.”

Here’s the story from today’s Journal Record:

Dumb and Dumber Part 2

September 6, 2007

The state’s “dumbest” utility, OG&E, is hopping mad that State Treasurer Scott Meacham, is appearing in newspaper ads critical of a proposed coal-fired power plant near Red Rock Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Political News Service broke the story recently that the utility was using the same advertising agency as its opponent in the battle, Chesapeake, who appears to be spending far more than OG&E. Most political observers we spoke to were stunned the utility would make such a gaffe.

One Capitol insider summed it up by saying, “They’re getting creamed as far as advocacy is concerned. Any firm with with any sensible political instinct would never, ever use the same firm as their opponent. What, there are no other ad agencies in America? OG&E’s advocacy effort is non-existent and they are losing the ad war to a company who uses their ad agency. It’s an incredibly stupid mistake.”

Click here to read The Oklahoman’s take on the controversy: