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Mexican "Mobile Consul" Rolls through Tulsa this Week

March 27, 2008

Andrés Chao, who is the consul at the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, AR, extablished in 2007 at the invitation of Gov. Mike Huckabee. Tulsa, Oklahoma is in the official “jurisdiction” of this Mexican consulate, so Chao was in the city this week, “to meet with Mayor Kathy Taylor, Police Chief Ron Palmer, and other city officials. While Chao has already visited Tulsa several times since it was opened the Mexican consulate in Little Rock, Arkansas, Chao told The Week in the South that this will be their first ‘official visit’ with the leaders of the city,” according to the Spanish-Language periodical, La Semana del Sur. The magazine conducted a phone interview with the Consul on March 14th, and quoted Chao as saying (Translated by Google from Spanish):

This will be the first time that I will meet with the mayor and police chief. I want to know because Tulsa is part jurisdiction of this consulate. I would like to talk to them about the situation of the Mexican immigrant community… and to open channels of communication. This will be my first official visit to the mayor and the chief of police.

The magazine also states, “Chao also plans to schedule future ‘mobile consul’ events in Tulsa to offer in-person help to those who can not travel to Little Rock.”

It is not clear at this time how Mexican citizens are able to travel to Tulsa, which is ten hours from the Mexican border, but not to Little Rock, AR, which is four hours from Tulsa.

VDare blogger, and Oklahoma City native, Allan Wall reported last year, when the consulate was being built:

Oklahoma does not (yet) have a Mexican consulate/illegal immigration encouragement station. But Chao is consul in the nearby state of Arkansas, in the new Little Rock consulate So, being next door to the Sooner State, he can still do some damage. [El Nacional July 5, 2007–México abre nuevo consulado en EU]

Now, here’s the 65-thousand-peso question: If cities in Oklahoma have now come under the “jurisdiction” of a foreign government, why are we having to struggle through language translators to get information about it? Shouldn’t this be all over the English-language press, as well?

(Hat-Tip, Voice of Tulsa)

More information about the Mexican Consulte in Arkansas on WorldNetDaily.

Robin Hood in Tulsa, Oklahoma City

March 11, 2008

It seems like more and more people are going into the city to do their shopping now days, because of the selection and better prices. This has forced some small retailers in some small towns to lose business, and, in some cases, close. Also, the towns are losing sales tax revenue, because people are spending their money in the city.

So, what to do? Force the big cities to pay 1% of that revenue back to the smaller towns, of course. At least that’s the plan of Steve Martin (R-Bartlesville). If his legislation becomes law, Tulsa and Oklahoma City would stand to lose about $30,000,000 per year in tax revenue, but the cities would still have to foot the bill for the infrastructure to support the retail industries, says Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor.

Carolyn Stager, of the Oklahoma City Municipal League, says, “It would create a nightmare of litigation and turn city against city and neighbor against neighbor.”

TPS Students, Mayor Gear Up For Tulsa Run

March 3, 2008

Don’t be surprised if you can’t get the theme from “Rocky” out of your head Wednesday as students from McLain High School and Gilcrease Intermediate School train with Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor in preparation for the annual Tulsa Run this fall, according to a press release by the Tulsa Public Schools.

The run has been a mainstay in Tulsa for three decades. It began in 1978 as a challenging and scenic course winding through downtown and River Parks. University of Arkansas runner Mike Clark set a state record that year. Fast forward thirty years and the run has grown in popularity with local celebrities participating and area businesses chipping in as sponsors.

A press conference at 8:30 a.m. on March 5 features Mayor Taylor and fifteen students from McLain and Gilcrease discussing this year’s run and accepting a donation of shoes and other gear from Runners World Tulsa. A light breakfast follows the news conference. At 4 p.m. Taylor and the students will train together.

The course starts in the heart of downtown, runs through sections of the historic Cherry Street and Brookside districts, continues through riverfront parks along the Arkansas River, and ends back downtown in Veterans Park.

Mayor cracking down on bars

January 9, 2008

It is funny how Mayor Kathy Taylor can tackle one illegal thing but not ILLEGAL Immigration. While OKPNS is in support of cracking down on any illegal activity, lets focus on all illegal activities in the city of Tulsa.

(TULSA, Okla.) January 8 – Tulsa’s mayor is cracking down on bars that are breaking the law to stay open late.

Mayor Kathy Taylor says it’s now one of her top priorities, after a young man was shot and killed at a downtown Tulsa bar after hours.

The mayor doesn’t like the current state law which allows bars sponsored by a “faith based” or “non-profit group” to stay open past two in the morning, as long as they’re not serving alcohol.

The mayor believes some bars are staying open late by claiming to have that type of sponsorship even if they really don’t.

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New SLIME Inductee: Mayor Kathy Taylor and the Tulsa Police Department

December 17, 2007
OKPNS is sad to announce our new SLIME Inductee is none other than Mayor Kathy Taylor and the Tulsa Police Department. Since the passage and enactment of HB 1804 Mayor Taylor’s police department hasn’t made a single arrest related to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. OKPNS knows that it isn’t hard to find an Illegal either.
We are continuing to work with the Hispanic community to get this information out and let them know that even though some people believe we are making wholesale 1804 arrests, the TPD has made no 1804 arrests in the 30-day period following the enactment of the law.”

Why Not?

Crime victims protected: One misconception is that illegal immigrants who are victims of crime will automatically be deported if they notify authorities. That’s not true, Albin said.

He cited as an example a case that led Tulsa deputies to arrest two illegal immigrants, Pedro and Rosalio Morin, last month on complaints alleging that they sexually assaulted a female relative, who is 11.

The girl — who told detectives that she had been molested since she was 7 — and her family are also in this country illegally, he said.

Charges have not yet been approved against the Morin brothers, who remain in custody. If charges are approved, county detectives and ICE agents can start considering what they can do to help the girl and her family obtain legal status while the case progresses through the courts.

With Illegal Immigrants like this entering our Mayor and her police department should be ashamed for not up holding the law and ridding our state and country of this type of trash. The biggest argument that the Illegal Immigration lobby has is, “These people just want to work”. The law enforcement community should be ashamed of its self for not making any arrest. The best way to spot an Illegal is the same way you spot a duck. If it looks like a duck and quacks like one, then its got to be a duck. If the person can’t speak English and they have no proof of Citizenship or an ID then its an Illegal. So as a part of our SLIME Hall of Shame we welcome Mayor Kathy Taylor, Tulsa’s worst. OKPNS encourages its readers to please send names to OKPNS for SLIME Nominees.


Stan Geiger: Wealth, Rank and Privilege?

Email To City Workers From Kathy Taylor

December 5, 2007


I want to take a moment to update you on the progress of the BOK Center.

The arena is in its 27th month of a 36-month construction schedule. The installation of glass and steel panels are being added, along with other tasks being completed by the hundreds of workers on site. Exciting developmenets are happening everyday to the structure and there are many more to come that will contribute to the success of this new point of pride for Tulsa. With the recent sellout of the ONEOK Club Seats and the huge success of the sale of tickets for the Celine Dion concert, we are already starting to experience the great potential for Tulsa to draw new tourism visitors – not just from Oklahoma, but from the entire region.

Just over the past few weeks I was pleased to announce some exciting new private sponsorships for the BOK Center.

– Today, the Oklahoma Ford Dealers committed to a 15-year Founder partnership by sponsoring two suites. Ford will also serve as the official automotive sponsor for the BOK Center. In total, the commitment from the Oklahoma Ford Dealers is $4.9 million.
– ONEOK has committed to at 15-year commitment totaling more than $5 million dollars for the naming rights to the premium seating level, club lounge, blue seating program, and for a founders suite and lounge box.
– Williams Company has committed to a 20-year commitment of more than $5 million dollars to help pay for the center-hung scoreboard, the sponsorship of sports event replays, and a founder suite.
– Cherokee Nation Enterprises has committed 10 years with a commitment of $2.3 million to a founder’s suite and the arena’s exclusive casino and destination resort.
– Cox Communications has committed a 10-year commitment totaling over $2.5 million for the arena’s official telecommunications provider.

These sponsorships represent another chapter in our public/private partnerships that we have formed to make this great building a
success. They are helping to enhance the funding commitment made by Tulsa citizens and help to leverage our public investment from Vision 2025.

Finally, I wanted to remind you that Tulsa’s own 66ers tip off their first home game tonight at 7 p.m. in the Expo Square Pavilion. If you and your family and friends need more information or to purchase tickets, just call 585-8444.

Please have a very safe and enjoyable weekend, and as always, thank you for all you do to make Tulsa such a great place to live!


Kathy Taylor


Trying To Improve Tulsa Streets

October 29, 2007

(TULSA, Okla.) October 28 – Mayor Kathy Taylor and city councilor Bill Martinson formed a panel that will come up with a Complete Our Streets plan.

The panel is holding a town hall meeting on October 29th, giving you the chance to share your comments.Potholes and bad roads are a common sight for some drivers in Tulsa.

The Complete Our Streets plan will involve a comprehensive survey of road conditions and the maintenance required.

Many drivers say the sooner the plan is put into place the better. And drivers say it’s for so many reasons. “Everywhere we turn we have to avoid this or that,” says one driver.

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River Tax Fails

October 10, 2007

October 9 – Tulsa voters have spoken, and they do not want a tax to develop the Arkansas River. The question: whether or not to raise the county sales tax by four-tenths of a penny to help fund that development.

The final results were 47.5% of the voters said “yes”, 52.5% said “no”.

Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor called the River Tax vote a defining moment in Tulsa history.

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BatesLine: Tulsa County citizens win

River Opponents React To New Incentives

September 27, 2007

Courtesy of KOTV

With the river tax vote two weeks away supporters are now courting the north side of Tulsa, where some community leaders have blasted the plan for neglecting black Tulsans. On Wednesday, Mayor Kathy Taylor held out a carrot worth millions of dollars for a yes vote. News On 6 anchor Latoya Silmon reports on the reaction to the promise of pools and playgrounds on the north side.

Many North Tulsa residents vowed to vote no, but river tax supporters are moving north to change their minds.

“I’m not surprised because divide and conquer has always been one thing used in the north side of Tulsa,” said Dr. Warren Blakney, Minister of the North Peoria Church of Christ. “If you can divide the vote than perhaps you can get what you need.”

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Wrong Priorities?

August 22, 2007

AMERICA’s MOST BEAUTIFUL: Mayor Kathy Taylor and George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF) Chairman and Tulsa Beautification Foundation (TBF) President Phil Lakin announced a $5 million pledge from GKFF to help beautify Tulsa-area gateways, highways and thoroughfares. The first TBF project completed was beautifying Tulsa International Airport by painting the Virgin Street bridge, replacing crumbling sidewalks and medians under the bridge, new irrigation systems and extensive landscaping. MIRANDA ENZOR for GTR Newspapers

From BubbaWorld dot Net:

Tulsa’s Mean Streets

Tulsan Doug Lawson found out just how bad “Tulsa’s Mean Streets” have become recently while out on his can collecting route early Thursday morning.

Lawson was robbed, struck in the head and shot in the leg by a couple of punks when he lied and told them he had no money or keys to his truck parked nearby.
Was Lawson wrong to try to escape with his $25 and his truck?

I wasn’t there and therefore can not say. But I do know that Mr. Lawson was lucky to escape with his life, as many Tulsans have not these past few years. Read more…