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Scott Mitchell: "Challenging a Sitting Speaker is Very Unusual"

October 11, 2007
Last night, News 9 Reporter Stacey Cameron confirmed the story we exclusively brought you six hours earlier – Speaker Cargill is being challenged by Majority Caucus Chair John Wright. News 9 political analyst and “Your Vote Counts” host Scott Mitchell offers his comments on the developing story.

THE COUP IS ON: Majority Caucus Chair to Challenge Speaker Cargill

October 10, 2007

Sources are alerting the Oklahoma Political News Service that Rep. John Wright, will challenge Rep. Lance Cargill for Speaker-Designate in a vote at the upcoming caucus retreat. Sources are also telling us that Rep. David Dank drafted a letter today asking caucus members “to stave off the vote for Speaker of the House.” We’re told these two events were not coordinated by the two legislators.

As we exclusively reported last week, reliable sources say Speaker Cargill is adamantly against postponing the vote for Speaker designate. An anonymous member says Cargill has been asked to postpone the vote multiple times and everytime “Cargill throws a fit.” OKPNS will continue to investigate.


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