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Flashback: Turpen-Edmondson "Doing It For the Children" (and $268 million)

May 13, 2008

W. A. D. Edmondson taking a break in between cases. Is his golf club taller than he is?

Hearing that Edmondson and Turpen were again using a once-respected public affairs show to dissemble on the Oklahoma public reminds us of the fat (no pun intended) payout Turpen received as the result of his alliance with the attorney general.

Oklahoma will eventually receive $2.6 billion dollars in the national tobacco settlement. Edmondson appointed several law firms to walk off with the lottery earnings while the firms pretended to litigate on behalf of the citizens of the state. The hard working lawyers, who according to most reports spent no time in the courtroom, got $268 million in fees for their “strategic contribution.”

Six national law firms, including movie-lawyer-turned-criminal defendant Richard Scruggs, shared the winnings with among others, Riggs Abney of Tulsa. The law firms attempted to charge the taxpayers a rate of $6000 per hour, but gave the citizens a break since they are such good guys.

Scruggs has been busy these days, but Edmondson was able to bring Scruggs’ buddy Ron Motley into the poultry suit, which we’re sure he’s doing for the children and not in hopes of another obscene profit safari.

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House Fails to Overide Henry Veto of Lawsuit Reform

May 13, 2008

Excerpt from Speaker Benge’s press release:

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 12, 2008) –House Democrats voted in lock step with the trial lawyer lobby today when an attempt to override the governor’s veto of reasonable lawsuit reform failed on the House floor.

Gov. Brad Henry vetoed House Bill 2458 last week, claiming the bill is unconstitutional. The bill would require a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit for professional negligence to attach to the petition an affidavit attesting that a “reasonable interpretation of the facts supports a finding that the acts or omissions of the defendant….constituted professional negligence.”

Rep. Colby Schwartz, author of the bill, called the legislation a meaningful step in reducing frivolous lawsuits in Oklahoma and criticized House Democrats for locking up on a bill that passed the Senate unanimously in its current form.

“The governor of Oklahoma does not get to decide if legislation is constitutional; that job is left to our court system,” said Schwartz, R-Yukon. “This bill would have cleared the courts of frivolous lawsuits to make way for those with legitimate cases, but instead House Democrats voted today to keep our court system clogged with expensive lawsuits without merit.”

The House Democrats actions today reminded us of a website our readers should be familiar with that deals with legal extortionists:

A massive archive there helps you follow the major league offenders, such as Ron Motley, the Charleston-based legal pirate that Edmondson has brought in to work the poultry cases on behalf of the, ahem, taxpayers since his other buddy Dickie Scruggs has been unavoidably detained.

Paul Jacob Supporters Answer Critics

May 8, 2008

From has already tackled the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) and its dumb attacks on Paul Jacob in several previous blog entries (for example, here and here and here). Off-point, silly sallies seem to be all the BISC boys can muster, but for the record, here’s a rundown of charges in BISC’s kit bag as purveyed on their fraudulently named site.

WHAT BISC SAYS: “Paul Jacob is a long-time lieutenant for ultra libertarian causes like legislative and judicial term limits, strict tax caps that bankrupt state government, and the removal of land use policies that protect the environment while allowing for growth.”

ANSWER: Uh…term limits is an “ultra-libertarian cause”? We’ll accept that over, say, “ultra-authoritarian” or “ultra-commie,” but does BISC really mean to imply that the majority of the voting public—who, after all, are the ones who pass term limits when they have the chance and who keep supporting term limits and fending off politicians’ attempts to undo term limits—are all “ultra-libertarian”?

WHAT BISC SAYS: “Jacob is also the director of Citizens in Charge, a group he uses to advocate for the expansion of ballot initiatives so he can take his ballot ideas to all 50 states.”

ANSWER: Yes, Citizens in Charge supports the initiative process—unlike BISC. Shouldn’t citizens in all 50 states have the ability to use voter initiatives to check the excesses of politicians? Why does BISC seek to undermine the initiative process? What are they afraid of? Maybe they can change their name to the Ballot Initiative Stopping Center.

WHAT BISC SAYS: “In 2007 a multi-county grand jury in Oklahoma indicted Jacob and two others for their involvement in the 2005 petition drive to put the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) initiative on the ballot. They were charged with conspiracy to defraud voters by hiring out-of-state signature gatherers, against Oklahoma state laws.”

ANSWER: Darn these brazen involvements in petition drives anyway! What a blight on the body politic, much like democracy, constitutions, constitutionally protected democracy and petition rights….

Taking their cue from Oklahoma Attorney General Edmondson, BISC hides behind a grand-jury indictment that has been dismissed, only to be replaced by a direct indictment from the very political AG. The actual charge is conspiracy to defraud the state. Read more…


Exclusive: Paul Jacob Speaks Out Today in Oklahoma City (3/13/08)

Drew Edmondson: Poster Child for Term Limits

April 23, 2008

Courtesy of one of our “Capitol reporters”

Drew Edmondson and his entourage filed into the House gallery on Thursday of last week to personally hear the debate and watch the vote on the state-wide elected official term limits bill (SB 1987). Edmondson was seen hastily walking out of the chamber in disgust of passage of the measure. Reportedly, Edmondson spent the rest of the morning arguing with fellow Democrat and lobbyist Pat Hall about this legislation passing the Senate and going to a vote of the people.

Edmondson is targeting Sen. Nancy Riley and Sen. Susan Paddack to change their orginal YES vote for term limits to a NO vote in the coming weeks. Seems Drew doesn’t want to leave his office anytime soon…


Yes, it’s true. Drew Edmondson, the four-time incumbent attorney general of Oklahoma, notorious for abusing the power of his office to prosecute honest supporters of Oklahomans’ citizen initiative rights, has publicly stated his opposition to a bill that would limit his tenure as well as that of other state officials. Read more The fight of the session: Term Limits v. Entrenched Incumbent

State Leader of Paul Campaign Files Complaint Against McCain’s Telemarketing Abuses

February 5, 2008

Cindy McCain Robo Call (Click here to listen)

Keating for McCain Robo Call (Click here to listen)

Kirk Shelley, Oklahoma State Coordinator of the Ron Paul Presidential campaign, filed a formal complaint regarding John McCain’s illegal robo-calling with the Oklahoma Attorney General.

Shelley expressed his frustration with McCain’s calls:

“Everyone knows the rules on these calls, or they should” said Shelley, “when you run for President or work in federal campaigns you get attorneys to tell you what you can and can not do – calling non-supporters without a phone number to stop the calls is illegal.”

“Anyone who pays attention to politics knows that Tim Pope was indicted by Drew Edmondson for this same thing. The McCain campaign or their telemarketing people sure should have known better.”

Shelley continued “the bigger picture to me is this – Sen. McCain has set himself up as leader for campaign reform by authoring ‘McCain-Feingold’ telling the rest of the country the rules he thinks we should follow, yet here he is violating those very rules he helped create. If you are going to create laws limiting the free speech rights of other Americans at least have the integrity to follow them yourself.”

“I have sent copies of the illegal calls go to the Attorney General and I’m confident he will prosecute with the same diligence that he went after Tim Pope, and I hope the voters remember that the author of ‘so-called campaign reform’ broke his own rules.”

"The Oklahoma 3" Rally with Paul Jacob, Sen. Randy Brogdon

January 30, 2008
Hat tip: Okie Campaigns

Boss Hog Needs a HOG Act

January 22, 2008

W.A.D. Edmondson

From The Weblog For Mr. GOP:

We all remember Boss Hog (or was it Hogg) from “The Dukes of Hazzard” Boss was a corrupt little man eager to get the arm of the law fully enforced on any minor (or supposed) infraction. At the same time he used his power to secure that he would never have any negative implications reflected on his own nefarious activities.

To the surprise of very few, Oklahoma has its own “Boss Hog”. What may not be known is the degree to which he has empowered himself to act with impunity while politically and legally persecuting those who dare to disagree with him. It will also be of no surprise to suggest that our own Attorney General Drew Edmondson is Oklahoma’s version of the overstuffed, height challenged, self-important hick from the back woods. Read more…


The News Star (Monroe, LA): In Oklahoma, freedom’s not OK

"Oklahoma 3" Rally Set for January 28th

January 21, 2008

The arraignment of the Oklahoma 3, regarding the new indictment issued through Attorney General Edmondson’s office, has been scheduled for Monday, January 28.

Supporters of the Oklahoma 3 have scheduled a noon news conference outside the courthouse, just prior to the 1:30 pm arraignment.

If you live close to Oklahoma City, we hope you will try to come out and show your support at the news conference, to let the Oklahoma 3 know that we’re behind them (and to let AG Edmondson know that we’re not behind him!).


Oklahoma County Courthouse

321 Park Ave.

Oklahoma City


Monday, January 28

News Conference: Noon

Arraignment: 1:30 pm

W. A. Drew Edmondson Re-Indicts "Oklahoma 3"

January 15, 2008

W. A. D. Edmondson


The arraignment of the Oklahoma 3, regarding the new indictment issued through Attorney General Edmondson’s office, has been scheduled for Monday, January 28.

Supporters of the Oklahoma 3 have scheduled a noon news conference outside the courthouse, just prior to the 1:30 pm arraignment. Read more…

Illinois River Advocate Supports W.A.D. Edmondson Poultry Suit

January 14, 2008
Courtesy of Conium

We’re often accused here at the Oklahoma Political News Service of being one sided in our coverage of Oklahoma’s political news. Believe it or not, even “Scrooge” Edmondson has garnered sympathy from our readers’ because of our sometimes unflattering coverage of him. This excerpt from the Muskogee Phoenix should pacify our critics for a bit. This one’s for you W.A.D.!

The Poultry Community Council
and the poultry companies no doubt appreciate Rick Stubblefield’s “insight” (Dec. 7) as he is a vocal supporter of the poultry industry and denigrates the efforts of Oklahoma’s Attorney General Drew Edmondson to protect our environment.
Both Stubblefield and Jackie Cunningham, director of community relations Poultry Community Council, conveniently overlook the fact that the only real progress and efforts made by the poultry industry to work on correcting the damage to the Illinois River watershed occurred after the lawsuit was filed by Edmondson. Read more…