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Naifeh Getting In While the Getting Out Is Good?

May 24, 2007

The rumors regarding former Edmond Mayor Saundra Naifeh’s interest in the corporate commissioner seat continue to build.

According to our sources, we’ve learned that Naifeh has been consulting with several prominent GOP women leaders in Edmond as a sounding board on her chances.

Naifeh, who had what most consider to be a very successful run as Mayor, also had her share of controversy, including a television report of her scolding citizens regarding zoning issues and she made national news when she personally distributed thousands of fliers against underage drinking which inadvertently contained the phone number for a sex talk line. But despite her public missteps, she appears to be interested, and would make a formidable candidate

Naifeh has also been the director of the optometry trade association, one of the state’s more powerful lobby groups. Under her tenure, optometrists gained surgical privileges, which has brought catcalls from national medical groups. But she has successfully outmaneuvered the medical groups’ lobbyists at every turn. However, some signs of change in that battle are looming.

Her interest may have been prodded by signs that tougher days may be ahead for the optometrist juggernaut. Recently, a C-4 trade organization, Quality Healthcare for Citizens, unleashed a massive education effort that has unsettled entrenched optometry supporters. That campaign is ignoring the legislative stalemate, and taking their case directly to stakeholders. “The people running the C-4 are pros who don’t take prisoners and they don’t care about legislative games. Why stick around? This campaign signals a enormous shift in tactics, and this county commissioner opening provides the perfect opportunity to get out a winner,” one source tells OKPNS.