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Will Brad Engage? Or Will He Fiddle While Largely African American N.E. OKC Goes Down the Tubes?

June 1, 2008

While officials like Shelton, Congresswoman Mary Fallin, Mayor Mick Cornett and County Commissioner Ray Vaughan are aggressively publicly opposing the casino, at least two officials are conspicuous in their silence: Gov. Brad Henry and County Commissioner Willa Johnson.

The controversy surrounding the proposed Shawnee Tribe’s casino in northeast Oklahoma City is heating up.

It’s rumored that there will be a Tuesday night town meeting of citizens whose homes and businesses in the area surrounding Remington Park will be harmed if construction of the casino is allowed to move forward. Remington Park, who most observers believe will go bankrupt if the casino begins operation, sits in State Rep. Mike Shelton’s house district 97. Shelton is publicly calling on citizens to voice their concerns to the BIA before the Friday deadline.

While officials like Shelton, Congresswoman Mary Fallin, Mayor Mick Cornett and County Commissioner Ray Vaughan are aggressively publicly opposing the casino, at least two officials are conspicuous in their silence: Gov. Brad Henry and County Commissioner Willa Johnson.

Henry is rumored to be meeting with agricultural interests regarding the track this week. When the casino becomes operational, the subsequent bankruptcy of Remington Park will kill the horse breeding industry in Oklahoma according to a report filed by News9’s Rusty Surrette Friday. The race track says 25,000 Oklahoma jobs will be lost.

The BIA’s 30-day comment period closes Friday, and Henry’s painfully slow reaction to take a position, given his chummy relationship with a key Shawnee Tribe official, has given rise to speculation the governor will either sit this issue out or intervene on behalf of the tribe, which will enrage Oklahomans and elected officials from both parties. If Henry were to go on record in opposition to the casino, it would carry great weight with the BIA, and insiders tell OKPNS that business leaders and other officials are steamed at the governor, who always goes to great lengths to avoid taking positions on tough issues.



The Casino and Mr. Chicken

The Casino and Mr. Chicken

May 25, 2008

While Oklahoma City’s Mayor and, according to reports, all of the state’s congressional delegation, are aggressively opposing a proposal by promoters to put a tribal casino in Oklahoma City fronted by a tribe located 200 miles away, Oklahoma’s timid governor is attempting to run and hide on the issue.

This time, Gov. Brad Henry, is attempting to avoid involvement on the casino project that most observers say would put Oklahoma City’s Remington Park into bankruptcy.

The Shawnee tribe, which is located in Miami, Oklahoma, has been “reservation shopping” and has selected a parcel of land less than two miles from Oklahoma City’s “Adventure district,” putting many businesses at a distinct disadvantage.

While Mayor Mick Cornett, Congresswoman Mary Fallin and other members of the congressional delegation have courageously and publicly opposed this outrageous distortion of tribal gaming statutes, the faint-hearted Henry, who has privately voiced his opposition to the casino, is publicly ducking for cover, primarily since he is buddies with the Shawnee Tribe’s economic development chairman, Greg Pitcher.

One insider sums up the governor’s lack of backbone this way: “He’s gutless. He knows the proposal is wrong, but he’s spent six years avoiding this kind of controversy, so why would we think he’d engaged now?”

Henry’s name is being drawn in the controversy because the Bureau of Indian Affairs is seeking public comment on the proposal until June 9th. Most believe the governor’s opposition would carry considerable weight with the BIA.

Observers tell OKPNS the whole deal is very suspect, and that today’s story by Oklahoman reporter Tony Thornton just scratches the surface of the proposed stinky deal.

Developing…. Video: Greg Pitcher, chairman of the Shawnee Tribe’s economic development arm

Email To City Workers From Kathy Taylor

December 5, 2007


I want to take a moment to update you on the progress of the BOK Center.

The arena is in its 27th month of a 36-month construction schedule. The installation of glass and steel panels are being added, along with other tasks being completed by the hundreds of workers on site. Exciting developmenets are happening everyday to the structure and there are many more to come that will contribute to the success of this new point of pride for Tulsa. With the recent sellout of the ONEOK Club Seats and the huge success of the sale of tickets for the Celine Dion concert, we are already starting to experience the great potential for Tulsa to draw new tourism visitors – not just from Oklahoma, but from the entire region.

Just over the past few weeks I was pleased to announce some exciting new private sponsorships for the BOK Center.

– Today, the Oklahoma Ford Dealers committed to a 15-year Founder partnership by sponsoring two suites. Ford will also serve as the official automotive sponsor for the BOK Center. In total, the commitment from the Oklahoma Ford Dealers is $4.9 million.
– ONEOK has committed to at 15-year commitment totaling more than $5 million dollars for the naming rights to the premium seating level, club lounge, blue seating program, and for a founders suite and lounge box.
– Williams Company has committed to a 20-year commitment of more than $5 million dollars to help pay for the center-hung scoreboard, the sponsorship of sports event replays, and a founder suite.
– Cherokee Nation Enterprises has committed 10 years with a commitment of $2.3 million to a founder’s suite and the arena’s exclusive casino and destination resort.
– Cox Communications has committed a 10-year commitment totaling over $2.5 million for the arena’s official telecommunications provider.

These sponsorships represent another chapter in our public/private partnerships that we have formed to make this great building a
success. They are helping to enhance the funding commitment made by Tulsa citizens and help to leverage our public investment from Vision 2025.

Finally, I wanted to remind you that Tulsa’s own 66ers tip off their first home game tonight at 7 p.m. in the Expo Square Pavilion. If you and your family and friends need more information or to purchase tickets, just call 585-8444.

Please have a very safe and enjoyable weekend, and as always, thank you for all you do to make Tulsa such a great place to live!


Kathy Taylor