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Tribes Want to Charter Schools, Facing Challenges

February 14, 2008

The Cherokees and Chickasaws would like to be able to charter schools, to be able to teach in their language, and around their traditional culture. is reporting:

Charter schools could expand again if a bill passed out of the Senate Education Committee on Monday survives this legislative session.

Sen. Glenn Coffee, R-Oklahoma City and co-president pro tempore, proposed a bill that would allow federally recognized American Indian tribes to sponsor charter schools.

Last session, legislators approved a measure allowing universities to do the same. But attempts to encourage more charters are taking place under the weight of a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the original law.

KSWO in Lawton quotes Sen. Coffee:

…[E]xpanding the number of groups that can set up charter schools will give parents more educational choices for their children.

To be effective for the Cherokee nation, the legislation would need to be expanded to include Tahleqhah, becuase the Cherokees do not have the resources to work with the Tulsa Public Schools on this at this time.

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