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Learn and Share about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in Okahoma

February 8, 2008

Well, it seems there’s a wiki for everything now days, and now there is one for Oklahomans who want to learn and share information about the Freedom of Information Act in Oklahoma (FOIA).

For those who may not be sure what a “wiki,” is…think of an information manual, which can be updated live, online, by multiple users. In this case, the wiki is open to anyone interested in maintaining accurate records on the FOIA in Oklahoma.

This wiki is maintained by the Sunshine Bloggers, who are from various states, and are interested in promoting open records at the state level. For more information about the wiki project, visit WikiFOIA

To learn more about the OK FOIA, visit WikiFOIA Oklahoma. As with any wiki, it’s a work in progress, but examples of information already updated on the site are links to information about state statutes, information for the press, a letter generator to write a request for open records that conformst to OK requirements, exemptions, contacts, and other resources. It is truly a growing wealth of information. If you would like to learn, or share by updating the wiki, be sure to check it out.