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Why Don’t we Just Ban Smoking Inside the State of Oklahoma? (And put everyone on a diet, while we’re at it!)

February 19, 2008

Next the state will try to ban smoking in individuals’ cars and homes as well, said Sen. Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) who proposed an amendment to SB 1875 that would have simply banned all smoking within the state of Oklahoma, but the measure failed when the members of the committee – including Brogdon – refused to vote on the amendment.

Senate Bill 1875 passed the Senate Business and Labor Committee, and will move to the Senate. This bill reinforces current smoking bans, and expands the bans to bars, casinos and racetracks.

This legislation is part of a growing trend nationally by government officials to assume the responsibility for the personal health habits of its citizens. As previously noted by OKPNS, such smoking bans are becoming more common. In California, there is a move toward smoke-free apartments and condos.

Other health habits are under scrutiny, as well, as Mississippi’s House of Representatives is currently considering legislation to prohibit restaurants from serving obese customers and New York City Restaurants are banned from using trans fats.

Closer to home, Tulsa and Oklahoma City launched the Mayors’ Fitness Challenge, which is part of the national Mayors’ Healthy Cities Campaign, by the United States Conference of Mayors. At least participation in these tax-payer-funded programs is voluntary for citizens – for now.

No Smoking Here, There, or Anywhere

February 8, 2008

Senator David Myers has proposed legislation that would make it illegal to smoke in any public place in Oklahoma. It is currently illegal in state buildings, and in restaurants, but Myers’ bill would make it illegal to smoke in restaurants, and all other public places.

His concern, he says, is for the workers, who he feels have no choice but to work in those jobs, and breathe the second-hand smoke.

Some Oklahomans feel this is too invasive. KSWO News inteviewed Diana Davidson:

Diana Davidson is a customer at a local bar. She’s used to smoking there, and both she and her bartender like it that way. “We’re all citizens of the United States of America,” Davidson says. “We have our rights to do what we want to do, and if you don’t like what’s going on, then get up and walk out.”

Such bans are becoming more common, nationwide, although some are mandated by the states and some are mandated by businesss or industries. Smoke Free USA gives a breakdown of current smoking bans in the United States. In California, there is a move toward smoke-free apartments and condos. At the Corporate Level, health organizations like the Wellness Councils of America are helping employers to enforce smoking bans in the workplace when smoking is otherwise allowed by the state.