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Get Ready for Super Tuesday, Oklahoma – Online Voter Guides

February 1, 2008
This coming Tuesday, February 5th, Oklahomans will head to the polls to vote for their favorite Presidential Candidate in their party. There are several other candidates and issues to vote on at that time, as well. This weekend is a good time to do our homework so that we’ll be able to make informed choices on Tuesday. For a little help on that, here are some online resources:
  • The Family Research Council: 2008 Presidential Voter Guide: “We drilled down on the issues important to the family so as to discover not only a candidate’s position, but the depth of that position. We have provided footnotes as reference guides to substantiate our findings. The footnotes also serve as further reading as you continue to contemplate your decision.”
  • By Capitol Advantage: Gives an easy-to-read breakdown of important election-year dates and races, as well as an interactive “See All My Candidates” feature.
  • Vote411 – Supported by the League of Women Voters Educational Fund: This site has information about what issues are on the ballot, voter registration (a little late for Tuesday, but good info for the election in November), early and absentee voting and much more.
  • In Norman, the Chamber of Commerce has provided information online about the city council candidates, here.
  • And then, of course, there is is the official OK State Election Board guide online, which is the go-to place for downloading forms and information. Also, it will be updated after 7pm on Tuesday with the results of the Presidential Primaries as they are tabulated.
  • If you have an online voter guide you would like us to add to this list, please leave the link in the comments below, or e-mail them confidentially to