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OK DHS Sued for Incompetence

February 14, 2008

The A.P. is reporting, “A Federal lawsuit has been filed by a A national child advocacy group, four Oklahoma law firms and an international law firm have filed a federal class action lawsuit against the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The lawsuit by the group Children’s Rights and the law firms filed in federal court in Tulsa calls for changes throughout the state’s child welfare system.”

The lawsuit is filed specifically on behalf of nine foster children and approximately 10,000 other foster children, against OK Gov. Brad Henry, nine members of OK Commission for Human Services, and Howard H. Hendrick, Director of the DHS.

The allegations are in regard to abuse and neglect taking place in the foster homes in the Oklahoma, moving the children in a way that unnecessarily disrupts their family lives and education, and failure by the DHS to financially provide for the children it takes into custody.

The Oklahoma DHS has responded by explaining that it is doing a better job than other states in the region [Editorial note: At least they aren’t being accused of losing children, yet.], and explaining that each child already has an attorney, so this additional legal actions “seems unnecessary.”

OKPNS asks if perhaps it is time to take another look at returning the responsibility of caring for the children of Oklahoma back to the citizens of Oklahoma through charitable and faith-based organizations? (Also: Faith-Based Adoptive Foster Services: Faith Communities’ Roles in Child Welfare, and FaithLinks Oklahoma)