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Paul Jacob Supporters Answer Critics

May 8, 2008

From has already tackled the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) and its dumb attacks on Paul Jacob in several previous blog entries (for example, here and here and here). Off-point, silly sallies seem to be all the BISC boys can muster, but for the record, here’s a rundown of charges in BISC’s kit bag as purveyed on their fraudulently named site.

WHAT BISC SAYS: “Paul Jacob is a long-time lieutenant for ultra libertarian causes like legislative and judicial term limits, strict tax caps that bankrupt state government, and the removal of land use policies that protect the environment while allowing for growth.”

ANSWER: Uh…term limits is an “ultra-libertarian cause”? We’ll accept that over, say, “ultra-authoritarian” or “ultra-commie,” but does BISC really mean to imply that the majority of the voting public—who, after all, are the ones who pass term limits when they have the chance and who keep supporting term limits and fending off politicians’ attempts to undo term limits—are all “ultra-libertarian”?

WHAT BISC SAYS: “Jacob is also the director of Citizens in Charge, a group he uses to advocate for the expansion of ballot initiatives so he can take his ballot ideas to all 50 states.”

ANSWER: Yes, Citizens in Charge supports the initiative process—unlike BISC. Shouldn’t citizens in all 50 states have the ability to use voter initiatives to check the excesses of politicians? Why does BISC seek to undermine the initiative process? What are they afraid of? Maybe they can change their name to the Ballot Initiative Stopping Center.

WHAT BISC SAYS: “In 2007 a multi-county grand jury in Oklahoma indicted Jacob and two others for their involvement in the 2005 petition drive to put the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) initiative on the ballot. They were charged with conspiracy to defraud voters by hiring out-of-state signature gatherers, against Oklahoma state laws.”

ANSWER: Darn these brazen involvements in petition drives anyway! What a blight on the body politic, much like democracy, constitutions, constitutionally protected democracy and petition rights….

Taking their cue from Oklahoma Attorney General Edmondson, BISC hides behind a grand-jury indictment that has been dismissed, only to be replaced by a direct indictment from the very political AG. The actual charge is conspiracy to defraud the state. Read more…


Exclusive: Paul Jacob Speaks Out Today in Oklahoma City (3/13/08)

Drew Edmondson: Poster Child for Term Limits

April 23, 2008

Courtesy of one of our “Capitol reporters”

Drew Edmondson and his entourage filed into the House gallery on Thursday of last week to personally hear the debate and watch the vote on the state-wide elected official term limits bill (SB 1987). Edmondson was seen hastily walking out of the chamber in disgust of passage of the measure. Reportedly, Edmondson spent the rest of the morning arguing with fellow Democrat and lobbyist Pat Hall about this legislation passing the Senate and going to a vote of the people.

Edmondson is targeting Sen. Nancy Riley and Sen. Susan Paddack to change their orginal YES vote for term limits to a NO vote in the coming weeks. Seems Drew doesn’t want to leave his office anytime soon…


Yes, it’s true. Drew Edmondson, the four-time incumbent attorney general of Oklahoma, notorious for abusing the power of his office to prosecute honest supporters of Oklahomans’ citizen initiative rights, has publicly stated his opposition to a bill that would limit his tenure as well as that of other state officials. Read more The fight of the session: Term Limits v. Entrenched Incumbent

Attorney General Drew Edmondson on the Right of Citizens to Petition their Government: "Kill the Bill"

April 2, 2008

…from Norma Sapp of Oklahomans for Initiative Rights, updated at 2:35 PM:

In the beginning, HB 3350 by Terrill and SB 1982 by Brogdon were bills making changes to our initiative and petition system in Oklahoma. These changes would have helped regular citizens be able to do initiatives. They would have made all the checks and balances up front before you spent all you time effort and money gathering the signatures, only to find out that you didn’t place a comma in the right place and your petition is invalid.

The first thing to happen was SB 1982 was not heard in committee. In my search to find out why…I was told that Drew Edmondson called and told them to “kill the bill.”

Rep. Terrill was having problems with HB 3350 until he made an agreement to change it to a Task Force bill. It has made it out of committee and through the floor. Last Wednesday, 3-26-08, they finally assigned it to the Rules committee on the Senate side.

When I found this out I spoke to Charlie Laster about moving it to General Government. He told me to speak to Owen Laughlin and Laughlin signed the slip to move it to General Government. Then on Thursday morning I got my notice for the committee and it wasn’t on there!

So Monday, 3-31-08, I started my quest to find out what happened. After getting the run around for about two hours, I was finally told that it was lost in the Pro Tem’s office and he had been sick lately so no one knew what was going on. Finally, an insider…[said she] had overheard the discussion about it last week. Her quote was “Not No, but HELL NO!” to allowing it to be heard in Gen. Gov. on Monday the 31st. Now I’m not even sure it will be heard in the rules committee on Wed. 4-2-08!

In all my discussions with Democrats, in or out of the Legislature. The only reason I get for apposing it is the fact that it was introduced by the same people who were championing TABOR [Taxpayers Bill of Rights].

What is wrong with these people? It seems to me that Democrats hate Republicans simply because they are Republican. And it isn’t solely Democrats who hate. I also hear Republicans talk about Democrats the same way?

In the mean time my organization (Oklahoman’s for Initiative Rights) is caught up in the fight and we are the losers.

In a conversation with Mary Easley yesterday, she said there was nothing wrong with our system and she could not support the bill. If there is nothing wrong with the system then how do we have people who have been indicted over this subject? And why is Drew Edmondson sticking his nose into the process of the Legislature? And why did they listen to his order to KILL THE BILL?

This is just to let you know about the shenanigan’s going on. It may be normal politics but it isn’t right.

Does this look Familiar?

April 1, 2008

Last Fall, OKPNS reported on the harassment techniques being used in Oklahoma to intimidate citizens from signing petitions. The Oklahoma Civil Rights Initiative, the signatures for which were being collected in this video, is still in limbo, with the right of Oklahomans to vote on the issue being debated.

OKPNS has covered extensively the attempts by Oklahoma’s attorney General Drew Edmondson to block the citizen initiative process, in the case of the “Oklahoma 3,” in which Paul Jacob and two others are facing possible prison sentences of up to ten years on technicalities of Oklahoma residency requirements.

This problem, of trying to intimidate citizens who want to petition their state government is not isolated to Oklahoma. In this video, a township in the Detroit, MI area are facing the problem of state employees trying to physically block township citizens from signing a petition to recall a politician.

More on this here.

Exclusive: Paul Jacob Speaks Out Today in Oklahoma City

March 13, 2008

OKPNS had the privilege of interviewing Paul Jacob today after his scheduling-hearing in Oklahoma City. Paul Jacob, along with Susan Johnson, and Rick Carpenter, now called the “Oklahoma 3” have been indicted on felony charges of violating Oklahoma’s statute requiring petition circulators to be residents of Oklahoma. Jacob and the others are denying the charges.

The preliminary hearing will be July 23, 2008, at the Oklahoma County Courthouse, and Jacob is encouraging anyone who lives within driving distance to be there to defend the Oklahoma 3, and support the voter initiative process.

Paul Jacob talks about his Save the Initiative Blog Tour, and what supporters within Oklahoma and nationwide can do to not only save the Oklahoma 3, but also the ballot initiative process. He says he doesn’t feel the media has done an adequate job of covering this topic, and that it is up to the bloggers to get the word out:

Also see:

Paul Jacob Scheduling-Hearing Today

March 13, 2008

PhotobucketThe scheduling-hearing for Paul Jacob of the “Oklahoma 3” will be held today, at the Oklahoma County Courthouse at 1:30pm.

The background of this case is detailed on the Free Paul Jacob website:

National term limits leader and initiative rights advocate Paul Jacob and two others were indicted in Oklahoma October 2, 2007, on felony charges of violating the state’s statute requiring petition circulators to be residents of Oklahoma.

“This indictment is not about the law, but about politics—ugly, anti-democratic politics,” said Paul Jacob, president of the pro-initiative group Citizens in Charge and a senior fellow at the Sam Adams Alliance, a grassroots political organization. “Their prosecution is a 100-percent politically-motivated attempt to threaten and intimidate me, and any other citizen wishing to petition their government.”

Jacob and his co-defendents — Susan Johnson, president of National Voter Outreach, a petition management firm, and Rick Carpenter, the proponent of the controversial 2005 initiative that would have set a cap on state government spending that could only be lifted by a vote of the people — pled not guilty….(more)

At his arraignment in January, Jacob said that he has “never heard of a prosecutor, other than maybe Nifong, to play it as political as Drew Edmondson,” is in his current case – which is a dispute over whether or not he, Johnson and Carpenter fulfilled Oklahoma’s residency requirements prior to collecting signatures for a ballot initiative which did not become law. Last October, Jacob released a statement:

What Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson is trying to do to me is wrong. In America, we cherish the right to engage in politics, to speak our minds, to promote our candidate, to work to pass a voter initiative, without fear of reprisal. That is why today is such a sad day, not only for me, but for all of us who love the initiative process and the right of citizens to control their government….

Stay tuned here for updates on this case.

Petitioning your State Government is Getting More and More Difficult

February 21, 2008

Michael McNutt of the Capitol Bureau reports that the House subcommittee on elections and redistricting passed two measures yesterday, to be heard by the House Rules Committee, which would make collecting signatures in Oklahoma more difficult. The measures are aimed at preventing fraudulent and duplicate signatures on ballots.

HB 2869, by Rep. Mike Shelton, D-Oklahoma City, would require those passing petitions be registered voters of Oklahoma. State law now just states they have to be qualified electors.

His bill also would prohibit those collecting signatures to be paid for each signature they collect.


HB 3350, by Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Oklahoma City, is a similar bill aimed at trying to refine the initiative petition process. His measure beefs up the penalties for those who collect fraudulent signatures as well as for those who fraudulently sign petitions.

Paul Jacob, who is one of the “Oklahoma 3” being tried right now for allegedly collecting signatures as non-residents of Oklahoma (allegations which are demonstrably untrue, according to Paul Jacob, Susan Johnson, and Rick Carpenter).

When I spoke to Mr. Jacob on in January, one of the things he explained to me was that for a citizen, deciding to begin an initiative (e.g. for term limits, spending limits, government accountability, etc..) requires that citizen to count the cost, personally, and those costs can be astromical, personally and professionally. There is an enormous amount of time (away from family, career, personal life), and often a huge financial burden involved. But when the additional cost of legal retaliation by the government becomes a consideration, many citizens decide they simply cannot take that risk, and will “shut up.”

Jacob’s goal, in working through his own legal battle, through his foundation (Citizens in Charge), through the Sam Adams Alliance and Foundation, and now through the “Save the Initiative Blog Tour” is to reduce the fear of such legal action against citizens by their government.

"The Oklahoma 3" Rally with Paul Jacob, Sen. Randy Brogdon

January 30, 2008
Hat tip: Okie Campaigns

Paul Jacob’s Arraignment Is @1:30 PM CST Tomorrow

January 28, 2008

From Ft. Hard Knox:

By Jenn Sierra

Paul Jacob’s arraignment is at 1:30 pm CST tomorrow (Today). He’s been reindicted for on charges that he and two others violated residency requirements for petition signature gatherers. Drew Edmondson, Oklahoma’s Attorney General, keeps, in effect, “moving the goal post,” on these signature requirements, retroactively, to try to assure that his legal action against the “Oklahoma 3″ is finally taken seriously.

His actions have been quite bizarre, not to mention inappropriate. Once you have an opportunity to research the facts of this case for yourself (there are several links following to get you started), please consider calling the attorney general’s office in Oklahoma to let him know how you feel about this re-indictment. Remember to be respectful and polite, and to objectively state your opinion (personal attacks are never appropriate). The phone # is 405-521-3921. Read more…


Boss Hog Needs a HOG Act

January 22, 2008

W.A.D. Edmondson

From The Weblog For Mr. GOP:

We all remember Boss Hog (or was it Hogg) from “The Dukes of Hazzard” Boss was a corrupt little man eager to get the arm of the law fully enforced on any minor (or supposed) infraction. At the same time he used his power to secure that he would never have any negative implications reflected on his own nefarious activities.

To the surprise of very few, Oklahoma has its own “Boss Hog”. What may not be known is the degree to which he has empowered himself to act with impunity while politically and legally persecuting those who dare to disagree with him. It will also be of no surprise to suggest that our own Attorney General Drew Edmondson is Oklahoma’s version of the overstuffed, height challenged, self-important hick from the back woods. Read more…


The News Star (Monroe, LA): In Oklahoma, freedom’s not OK