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Tulsa Politics and Propriety in Punditry

September 24, 2007

By David Arnett, Publisher

The hot local issue of Arkansas River restoration and development in Tulsa has driven Republican Party divisions to the public most recently with a personal attack by a self-aggrandizing pundit upon a private individual who is active within one of the most influential political clubs in the metropolis.

Michael D. Bates

Michael D. Bates

The perpetually defeated, angry white guy – and apparent leader of the Republican “No-Knows” – is Michael D. Bates. He has run twice for City Councilor of District 4 and was easily defeated. Bates led the opposition to Vision 2025, of which all four propositions passed by overwhelming margins. He opposed the 4-to-Fix infrastructure propositions – voters approved. He has motivated others and engaged himself in hate-speech, orchestrating continual slanderous attacks on public officials of Tulsa County, the most recent of which urged the City Council to annex the Tulsa County Fairgrounds – a disaster only postponed for the moment.

Bates uses the Urban Tulsa Weekly (a free, local entertainment guide) publisher’s appetite for free content to advance his addiction to ambition with KFAQ, a fringe radio station so desperate for ratings they hired disgraced former city councilor Chris Medlock to provide political commentary.

Bates does have a style – pedagogic demagogism – and often reminds this writer of “Unabomber” Theodore Kaczynski: born to a good family, highly intelligent, well educated and insane. Read more…