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OK Republican Party Exposes Rice’s Web

October 31, 2007

State Republican Chairman Gary Jones announced a new web site today detailing the extreme liberal positions of State Senator Andrew Rice, the only announced opponent to Republican Senator Jim Inhofe.

Using a Halloween theme, Jones started calling Rice’s liberal connections “the spookiest fright of this Halloween.”

Fright Night: Rice’s Spooky Web of Liberal Connections

(OKLAHOMA CITY) State Senator Andrew Rice, the lone announced opponent to U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe, has spent a lifetime weaving a tangled web of left-wing political connections, as evidenced by a new website released today. highlights Rice’s work as the standard bearer for fringe liberal groups in Oklahoma.

“When Andrew Rice dresses up as an extremist liberal, it isn’t just for Halloween,” said Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Gary Jones. “It’s who he really is.”

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Voice of Defeat Headlines Oklahoma Democrat Fundraiser

October 17, 2007

From Red Oklahoma

Oklahoma Democrats’ 13th annual Carl Albert awards banquet won’t be headlined by a war veteran with a message of staying the course for victory.

It won’t be headlined by a legislative leader who supports our troops and is an advocate for responsible policy in Iraq, either.

Instead, Oklahoma Democrats have chosen Congressman James Clyburn (D-S.C.), an unwaivering voice of defeat in the War in Iraq, to be their honored guest. Though Oklahomans may be divided on whether going into Iraq was the best decision, they are united in supporting our troops to get the job done now that they’re there. Yet this is another example of how the extreme liberal 1% of Oklahoma Democrats who are currently in control of the Oklahoma Democratic Party are spreading defeatist liberalism to party faithful.

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