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Aspen Institute’s “Ghost Commissioner” Says He’s Running. Is It a Negotiating Ploy?

May 31, 2008
As OKPNS predicted, the intrigue regarding the corporation commission races is exploding as Monday’s three-day filing period approaches.

The Aspen Institute’s candidate, incumbent Jeff Cloud, is upping the ante today with an announcement that he is going to file for re-election for the full six-year seat. That has left Chesapeake’s favorite, Jim Roth, scrambling for a deal.

It is common knowledge that Cloud is squatting on the seat in which Chesapeake wants to place Roth. The lethargic Cloud is being wooed by “interested parties” in the private sector so that Roth, who is perceived to be a much brighter and energetic commissioner, can move to the full six-year term.

Today’s announcement gives Cloud leverage to negotiate a better salary, but at least one corporation commission insider says all the scenarios floated by pundits and even OKPNS have got it all wrong for one reason: Cloud’s penchant for slothfulness. “This man has the worst work ethic imaginable. Cloud arrives late, leaves early, have long breakfasts at Classen Grill, and jogs with his dog in the early afternoon. He consistently embarrasses his assistants with his ability to disappear when work beckons and he’s not real quick on the uptake even on the rare occasions when he actually is in the office. The fact is, Cloud wants Denise Bode pay for ghost commissioner work, and nobody wants to pay for that.”

So Cloud may have decided that short hours with little accountability are more important than big bucks with responsibility. But issuing a press release on Friday is a telltale sign that something fishy is going on: it is standard political operating procedure to issue bad news on Friday, and put good news out early in the week. Or perhaps in keeping in character, Cloud was just running behind schedule for his release.

If Cloud is running for real, what becomes of Roth? We know the Roth folks didn’t anticipate Cloud staying in, and reports are they’re freaked out. But this we know: if Roth files against Cloud, it means Cloud has cut a deal, with Cloud dropping out AFTER filing is over. Cloud would remain in the race until after filing to keep Dana Murphy and/or Rob Johnson from following Roth to the six year seat. But if Roth files for the two-year seat, it means Cloud really is staying, unless someone new emerges to take him on.


So Why Is Commissioner Jeff Cloud Smiling?

May 28, 2008
“Aspen (Institute) is one vehicle whereby left-wing billionaires like George Soros work to influence politicians on Capitol Hill by bringing them to luxurious places, hotels and resorts, and listening to mostly liberal and left-wing speakers.” – Accuracy in Media 4/7/08

It could be that he’s thinking of just how much money he’s going to make after he successfully concludes his job negotiations with a company he’s currently regulating. Or it could be that he’s thinking that the indolent Oklahoma press hasn’t bothered to check out the political leanings of the ultra-left liberal think-tank that sent him around the world and gave him a chance to pose for this picture in front of the pyramids.

Seriously folks, what in the world could Cloud have been thinking when he joined up with the liberal Aspen Institute, headed by former Clinton News Network President Walter Isaacson? Even a simple search of the internet reveals the effete and haughty notions behind the organization, whose major contributors include left-wing crazy and billionaire George Soros, who used the Aspen Institute from which to stage his effort to defeat President Bush in 2004. The Aspen Institute housed and “re-educated” (against capitalism no doubt) little Elian Gonzalez after former Attorney General Janet Reno kidnapped the little Cuban shipwreck survivor from his uncle. What so-called conservative would join an organization that helped force a little six-year old boy to leave the United States and go back into a brutal communist dictator’s regime? And why would Cloud, as rumors persist, be headed to Beijing in August with Aspen to observe the Olympics in another brutal communist country?

Some political insiders, when contacted by OKPNS, expressed dismay when informed of Cloud’s participation in the organization. “Obviously Cloud didn’t do his homework. I can’t believe he would knowingly join if he knew. It’s just not the type of thing you do if you really are running for re-election,” one expert told us. “You just know that somebody is going to figure it out, so he’s not running or he’s incredibly imprudent.

The speculation running rampant is that Cloud is close to making a deal to leave to work for what insiders say is a ‘natural gas company’ but that Cloud’s opinion of his worth differ greatly from his potential employer. There is no confirmation as to which company he is negotiating with, but stories from Cloud’s last election indicate Chesapeake Energy was the primary financial driver in his 2002 campaign, an arrangement that fellow Corporation Commission Bob Anthony found at the time to be questionable and possibly illegal.

Regardless, Jeff Cloud’s opponents now have a potent campaign issue if he abandons his rumored job search, and now it is too late to resign his membership in the Aspen Institute, which would be a tacit admission he was wrong to join.

OKPNS will continue to follow this story.

Ghost Commissioner, Gay Commissioner: What You See Is NOT What You Get!

May 27, 2008

Judging by the information we at OKPNS are receiving, it’s the two corporation commissioner races that will present the most drama this summer and fall, especially when considering the intrigue surrounding the two incumbents: Democrat Jim Roth and Republican Jeff Cloud.

While we know the U.S. Senate race between incumbent U.S Sen. Jim Inhofe and State Sen. Andrew Rice, D-Oklahoma City, will be entertaining, the musical chairs theater that is developing over at the commission promises multiple story lines.

Roth became the first openly Gay person to hold a state-wide elected office when he was appointed by Gov. Brad Henry in May of 2007, replacing Commissioner Denise Bode. Per the Oklahoma Constitution, Roth is running for the last two years of Bode’s term.

Cloud was elected to a six-year term by the voters in 2002, and according to reports is running for another six years.

The only problem is, what you’re hearing about these races is just not true.

Electing Roth is the number 1 priority for Chesapeake Energy. Chesapeake championed Roth’s appointment in the first place, and their officials have made it clear that they want Roth in the six-year seat that Cloud now holds. Cloud, like Roth, supported Chesapeake’s successful campaign that stopped construction a coal-fired power plant and is seen as such a good friend to Chesapeake and the petroleum companies that he has a standing job offer from an unnamed natural gas company. According to sources, the sticking point has been the salary: Cloud wants in the neighborhood of what Bode took to become CEO of the Clean Skies Foundation, but his potential suitor believes Cloud is nowhere near as valuable as former Commissioner Bode, a national energy policy expert who headed the Independent Petroleum Association of America prior to her ten-year run at the corporation commission. Further, Cloud has gained a reputation as being so uninspiring and lethargic that insiders tell OKPNS that Republican Commissioner Bob Anthony’s pet name for Cloud is the “ghost commissioner.”

It’s a good bet that the puppeteers over at Chesapeake do not want two of their favorites running against each other, so based upon what Chesapeake officials are repeating, their expressed desire to have Roth in the six-year seat would indicate Cloud is in the way. Some are suggesting to OKPNS that Cloud knows he is leaving, but using time as leverage to increase the value of his compensation package. “Chesapeake would much rather have Roth than Cloud: he’s sharper, harder working and has become an extraordinary ally for them, and besides, they have a much more energetic person than Cloud ready to put into the two-year term,” one corporation commission insider tells OKPNS, “so while Cloud is a friend, Chesapeake has others they want on the commission that simply will work harder than Jeff.”

So where does that leave the other announced candidates? Until Cloud divulges his intentions, or is forced by his potential employer to make finally make a move, the others are forced to wait. “It’s not even out of the realm of possibility that Cloud and Roth will eventually reach an accommodation, and that Roth will file against Cloud, who would then drop out AFTER filing to thwart others,” says another political observer familiar with Chesapeake’s concerns.

So while Roth and Cloud are different in every conceivable way except their allegiance to Chesapeake, it appears that the two are very dependent on each other to get what they want. So even after filing is over next Wednesday, we may still have no clue how this drama is going to play out. OKPNS will keep following this developing story.

Quote of the Day: "Energy Crisis is Here, Warns Denise Bode" (2/8/2001)

May 27, 2008

Clean Skies CEO Denise Bode was warning the nation before 9/11 and the Iraq War, that our dependence on foreign oil and bans on domestic drilling would eventually lead to “price hikes.” This excerpt was taken from a 2001 piece in Energy Houston magazine.

If the U.S. does not open up federal lands to exploration and production and support the rebuilding of the nation’s energy production, refining and delivery systems, we can expect more price hikes and curtailments for energy, warns Denise Bode, vice chair of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and former president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

Writing in the new issue of Energy Houston magazine, Bode says, “America’s energy infrastructure and resource base is being shut down, and that is in turn causing a crisis from the gas pump to the electric meter.” America is approaching being 60 percent dependent on foreign energy, up from 42 percent 10 years ago. Read more…

Environmentalist Wackos in OK; The Heck With the Planet, Someone Save the Humans!

May 17, 2008
So how’s that ‘eco-friendly’ feeling now? When corporation commission officials nuked a proposed coal generating plant last year, ostensibly because coal fired plants are just too “dirty”, the environmentalists and their buddies at Chesapeake energy cheered. Now folks in northeast Oklahoma are finding out the real dirt is in their electricity bills because of the rapidly escalating cost of natural gas.

The phony coalition formed by Chesapeake to oppose the construction of cheaper and more economically-reliable coal plants in favor of plants fired by price-volatile natural gas beat back a proposal fronted by the incompetent team at Oklahoma City-based OG&E. OKPNS chronicled the hapless effort the utility made on behalf of coal, but the natural gas syndicate won primarily because they own two members of the commission: Jim Roth, the official Chesapeake errand butt boy, and light weight commissioner Jeff Cloud, who is rumored to have a standing job offer from a “natural gas” company. One can only guess who.

Ironically, both Roth and Cloud, if he files, face re-election this fall. Insiders say Cloud is being offered far, far below the salary former commissioner Denise Bode took to head up Chesapeake’s anti-coal working group based in Washington.

From (4/27/06):

Even in this “era of corporate social responsibility,” brazen violations of honesty, transparency and accountability standards occur regularly. Exhibit 1: the recent “Coal is filthy” ad campaign.

Prominent advertisements in major US papers featured an ethnic spectrum of smudge-faced California models, whose misleading claims about emissions from coal-fired electrical generating plants were reinforced by a website. The campaign urged citizens to tell government officials, “No more filthy coal plants.”

But the Coalition wasn’t another gaggle of environmental pressure groups, like those listed on the website. It was a cabal of natural gas companies, led by Chesapeake Energy of Oklahoma. Their goal wasn’t really helping Americans get “clean skies” and “live longer,” as their ads proclaimed. It was fattening corporate wallets.

Cloud, unlike Bode, doesn’t posses an impressive body of work and is rumored to be, shall we say, not that enthusiastic about hard work, which is important if the offer comes from Chesapeake, since screwing the public, like rust, never sleeps.

Regardless, some Oklahomans can soon experience for themselves the results of the phony global warming scam that allows greedy power companies to exploit the public’s fear so that long-term energy policies are based on emotions rather than reason. Ethanol anybody?

So now some Oklahomans will see their electric rates take a major hike in a few days, and based upon some estimations, natural gas prices will double in the next couple of years. So any money you have left over from purchasing artificially-inflated food and automobile fuel will fly out of your pockets for your electric bill. Shunning coal for natural gas may sound great, until reality hits. Thanks to the climate change hysteria created by idiots like Algore, Chesapeake has committed daylight robbery, and gotten away with it. So it’s grab your ankles time in Oklahoma:

Dr. natural gas will now administer your treatment.

So here’s the environmental scores for tonight: Chesapeake is going to make more obscene profits, Oklahomans will soon begin sending corporate welfare to Chesapeake’s basketball team and in gratitude, Chesapeake will now return the favor by screwing those same people on their utility bills.

It’s been a very busy year for the folks at 63rd and Western, but there’s much more lying, stealing and even a few folks they haven’t hosed out there yet. Now THAT’s an inconvenient, and unfortunate, truth.

Domestic Partners: Aubrey McClendon & Jim Roth

May 15, 2008

Since the mainstream media has rolled over and played dead on this issue, it’s great to see Mark Shannon and the blogosphere do their jobs for them.


Why AUBREY MCCLENDON would be an Honorary Co-Chairman for a homosexual candidate for CORPORATION COMMISSIONER. Mighty convenient when you’re in the OIL AND GAS BUSINESS, don’t you think? No conflict in interest there, huh? No ethical questions? No appearance of wrong-doing, do ya think??!!!?!?!

In a letter mailed to friends by Mr. Bennett and Mr. McClendon they state, “Moving Oklahoma forward by making it a better place to work and live is a mutual goal. Jim Roth also shares our vision of a pro-growth Oklahoma.” They continue, “As the Incumbent, he is a leader that demonstrates the vision, integrity and experience necessary for the responsibility of this position.”

(Insiders tell me that AUBREY is upset with REPUBLICANS because they won’t rescind 1804, making it easier for Chesapeake companies like TOTAL ENVIRONMENT to more easily hire cheap, illegal, labor.

Apparently one of McClendon’s minions has been calling in Republicans on various levels of government and reading them the riot act, TELLING THEM they should bend to his will. Apparently only Harry TURN Coates is willing to do his bidding, because 1804 still stands.) Read more…


EXCLUSIVE: Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Ambush Planned for Rep. Terrill

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 2): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Is Sen. Coates Working for the People or Chesapeake Energy?

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 3): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Regarding Dirty Harry’s Notes

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 4): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Oklahoma Bankers Association Study is a Farce

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 5): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; The Poll They Didn’t Want You to See

OKPNS Memo to “Masterminds”

May 8, 2008
Look…Made in the USA!

We understand the anti-HB 1804 political “masterminds” are upset at this week’s revelations on OKPNS regarding public support for HB 1804. They’ve misled the public since last January, but truth finds a way in America, and it sometimes even gets past the Oklahoma City capitol press corps and out to Oklahomans.

Perhaps you should assume that Sen. Coates has lost or misplaced other crucial documents in your quest to rip the public’s favorite law away from them. Now we’re not as smart as you, but here’s some fundamental advice that has been used for decades with some success:

First, assume Dirty Harry has screwed up all your plans, and that the pesky public will find out the truth someway, somehow. You’ve got to at least come up with a tale regarding the so-called ‘investigation’ at the Senate, and time is short.That great American, William Jefferson Clinton, had his staff release bad news with his spin, mostly after working hours on Friday evenings. It worked for the most part, and he didn’t even have the fawning and lazy capitol press corps you have there in Oklahoma City.

Second, take an inventory. If Dirty Harry lost all the items we’ve revealed, there’s probably more out there he has screwed up, if you know what we mean.

Third, there’s a loose trail you need to tie up and soon: if there were any lies dealt in the so-called investigation of the ‘hacked and stolen’ e-mails and documents, you need to get those items covered up as soon as possible. Somebody, somewhere in the Oklahoma press may actually want to do a follow up story and ask for that information. It’s a long shot, but it could happen!

Meanwhile, if anybody out there has more Dirty Harry information, you know where to send it to the tipline.

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 5): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; The Poll They Didn’t Want You to See

May 7, 2008

Below are quotes from a Washington D.C. polling firm’s “briefing memorandum” to Chesapeake Energy on the dim prospects of repealing or revising HB1804.

“Immigration is a top issue: Ranked third in an overall list of most important issues to voters”

“Messages with an emotional appeal are strong among women, Democrats, more liberal ideology and voters under the age of 55 years. Those who attend church regularly show a higher propensity to be impacted by emotional pieces of information about their fellow man”

“This indicates that with generic messaging about the impacts of this immigration legislation, voters easily become divided in their support and less certain about their positioning.”

“While messages that create opposition to the legislation overall are limited, they each have a very common theme of conveying an emotional appeal.”

Click here to read the entire memo.

According to its critics, House Bill 1804, the immigration reform bill, was the law passed in the 2007 legislative session that Oklahomans liked only because they didn’t know about the consequences. The law’s opponents, such as the chambers of commerce in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, the so-called ‘state’ chamber of commerce and their bosses in business and industry, would roll out a multi-million dollar campaign to ‘educate’ the ignorant ‘Okies’ and bring balance back to the galaxy.


Today, the Oklahoma Political News Service reveals why the cocky arrogance of blustering poseurs like Chesapeake’s Tom Price and Senator Harry Coates was all hot air from the very beginning.

By late January, the 1804 repeal crowd knew full well the extent of their impossible mission, but the smack talk kept flowing. Chatter about a multi-million dollar repeal effort filled the halls at 23rd and Lincoln. The pompous Price, who some naïve observers at one time believed to be a political expert, in actuality ran a comedic legislative campaign that blew up in his face when his equally arrogant senate partner, Coates, left his war plans in a capitol bathroom. Those plans, sent to OKPNS by an anonymous good citizen, revealed a blundering, fumbling and ill-conceived effort masterminded by the most inept gaggle of political ‘consultants’ assembled in recent memory.

Today the 1804 repeal effort is as dead as Julius Caesar because the people of Oklahoma made up their own minds about HB 1804.

Thanks to Senator Coates, we now know the full extent of public attitudes toward HB 1804. While it is still unclear as to why the aforementioned energy giant wants illegal aliens running amuck in Oklahoma, a January 28th memo to the firm reveals the bad news, which obviously Price and his fellow incompetents did not want exposed to the public.

Revealed here is the truth the now-discredited political poseurs so desperately tried to hide. After the polling company asked 11 different questions specifically designed to push down public support for HB 1804, public approval barely wavered, dropping only 4% from 89% to 85%, still within the poll’s margin of error. Doubtless, Price and Coates were stunned. For the elitist duo and their followers, the game was over.

Two items stand out among the poll’s results. First, when push-poll questions dealt with perceived problems for the business community, support for the law actually went up, once again proving the point that the state’s business leadership, perceived as weak and ineffective, really is weak and ineffective.

Second, with only one exception (increasing taxes to help provide funds to support the law), the only times the push polling questions seem to lower public support is when touchy-feely emotional arguments regarding children and religion are asked. Perhaps that explains some of the ‘drama queen’ behavior of the law’s opponents over the past few weeks.

So turn out the lights: the party’s over. For those students of politics who love to drill deep into statistics, here are the reasons why people power overwhelmed so-called political power in regards to HB 1804. Click here to view entire poll results


EXCLUSIVE: Capitol Police Say Surveillance Video Reveals No Office Break In; Sen Coates "Mishandled Own Emails"

April 23, 2008


Video: Sen Harry Coates – “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to.”

Hat tip: okiecampaigns

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 4): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Oklahoma Bankers Association Study is a Farce

April 17, 2008
McSpadden & Associates Lobbyist Jami Longacre with – an American citizen!

“Here is a draft release that the EIG economist may be sending out. I think it would be a great idea for you to touch bases with KyleDean.”– Jami Longacre (Click here to read entire emails.)

Last week, the worst newspaper in the nation ran a snippy, childish editorial that took a less than courageous shot at HB 1804 author Randy Terrill, D-Moore. The editorial, which more resembled a child’s tantrum than a real discussion, quoted from a study commissioned by the Oklahoma Bankers Association. The study, the kids at the America’s worst proffered, “could cut the state’s economic output by $1.8 billion in the first year by driving away foreign-born workers.” It then went on the quote now disgraced state senator Dirty Harry Coates, for heaven only knows why given Coates’ recent meltdown and public humiliation. The problem is the study is a phony prop engineered to advance the now-dead effort to repeal HB 1804 as we demonstrated through Coates’ own notes and e-mails last week.

Today, the Oklahoma Political News Service reveals more documents that show the “spin” from the study was rigged by left-leaning University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) economics professor Mickey Hepner in coordination with Dirty Harry. Coates was provided an advance copy of the ‘spin’ when the study came under fire by the indefatigable Terrill. Banking lobbyist Jamie Longacre, who represents ‘Republicrat’ banker Kell Kelley of Spirit Bank, was the conduit on this errand. Coates’ scribblings give a clue to the frantic nature of the anti-1804 gang, as the e-mail notes show Coates editing the final draft.

(Click below sentence to see coordination)

Another set of e-mails show Hepner briefing Coates as the liberal professor stacks a so-called forum aimed at agricultural leaders with anti-1804 proponents, yet another example of the deceit and dishonesty that the anti-1804 cabal appears to specialize in delivering to Oklahomans.

The now-discredited study was the rock on which the left-leaning editorial staff based its crybaby editorial. We at OKPNS are as embarrassed for them as they must be now.


EXCLUSIVE: Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Ambush Planned for Rep. Terrill

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 2): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Is Sen. Coates Working for the People or Chesapeake Energy?

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 3): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Regarding Dirty Harry’s Notes