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Gambling With The Choctaw Nation

November 1, 2007

From the Red Stater blog:

Swimming Upstream:


A blogging friend is going through some tough times. Without getting into too many details, lets just say that he was basically punished for having opinions and for expressing those opinions online.

Oh sure, they used the fact that he has had medical problems which took him away from his job a day here and a day there…(waiting in line at government run hospitals) they always find a “professional” reason for firing what they consider to be “an insubordinate”, however if he had been on the left side of things… he would probably be known as a “whistle blower” and held up as a hero and champion of all things good. Instead he finds himself on the outside looking in for daring to criticize the once great and powerful Choctaw Nation. (I’m part Cherokee, so I can get away with saying that)

His reaction to losing his job and income? “When God closes one door, another is always waiting to be opened”. Like most conservatives, he isn’t a whiner or crybaby, he didn’t go running to the local press, a lawyer or the ACLU, but instead accepts the personal responsibility for his actions, meets the challenges head on… with gusto and anticipation for what the future brings. Read more…