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Murphey Legislative Campaign

February 14, 2007

Legislative Update 2/14/2007
State Representative Jason Murphey

One of the important issues the House will consider this year is immigration reform. A number of reform proposals have been put forth, ranging from making state government responsible for immigration enforcement to holding businesses responsible for due diligence in hiring practices.

One of the most controversial immigration reform proposals is contained in HB 1423, introduced by freshman Representative George Faught. This proposal would make English the official language of the State of Oklahoma and would require that all state business be conducted in English. The bill passed out of committee on a 9-7 vote and can now go before the full House. I support the proposal and intend to vote for it on the House floor.

A second important immigration reform proposal was put forward by freshman State Representative Mark McCullough. McCullough’s HB 1413 would empower a task force to enforce immigration laws at the state level. The proposal is important because of inaction by the federal government on the matter. McCullough believes the proposal would help force the federal government to act. Unfortunately, the bill did not make it through the committee process. However, it is still possible that this important language will be included in other immigration reform legislation.

It is noteworthy that these proposals were initiated by freshmen State Representatives. I believe the fact that this legislation was proposed by newly elected representatives indicates that Oklahomans support immigration reform. As a fellow freshman, I can certainly testify to the fact that plenty of voters have made it known that immigration reform is an important issue which must be addressed.

On another note, this month the Transportation Commission approved its eight-year plan for upgrading and improving state highways. The plan calls for a $6,000,000 replacement of the Guthrie viaduct in 2012, a $3,000,000 replacement of the Seward road I-35 overpass in 2014, $3,000,000 for replacing Crow Creek and Skeleton Creek bridges on HWY 74 near Crescent in 2014, $1,400,000 for replacing a bridge on HWY 77 just north of Guthrie in 2014, $2,700,000 for replacing the SH-51 bridge over Otter Creek in 2010, $2,000,000 for replacing the HWY 77 bridge over Skeleton Creek in 2010 and a number of other smaller projects. The expansion of HWY 74th south of Waterloo to four lanes is also scheduled to continue through 2011.

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