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New Pound Seizure Legislation Defeated

February 29, 2008

According to the Journal Record, OK HB 2550, which would have required animal shelters to donate euthenized animals to animal brokers, in addition to research institutions which they are already required to do, was defeated in committee this week.

Phil Richardson (R-Minco), who authored the legislation, said it was needed because,

Animal rights groups have been putting pressure on animal shelters not to release the bodies of euthanized animals. They have chosen to make a political issue of it, and caused animal shelters not to release these animals for educational uses. Richardson told members of the House Public Health Committee. I’ve been contacted by the president of the American Association of Veterinary Anatomists, from North Carolina, and this has become a real issue with obtaining animal specimens for veterinary colleges. I’ve spoken with the dean of the OSU veterinary school. This is a problem that we have, and it’s increasingly becoming more of a problem.

Animal rights groups are concerned that by creating more of a market for the dead animals, unscrupulous dealers might resort to having animals euthenized more quickly or stealing pets.

The Oklahoman quotes Cynthia Armstrong, Oklahoma state director for the Humane Society:

The public needs to trust that their animal shelter’s primary mission is the humane disposition of the animals in their care…The Humane Society has no objection to animal shelters voluntarily giving dead animals to a veterinary school, for example, “as long as no money changes hands.

The Oklahoma Insider reports others were concerned about Oklahoma’s reputation, and quotes veterinarian Brian Gordon:

I think it opens the door to Class B dealers…I’ve dealt with these dealers for 20 years. I’ve found that they are often liars and are disreputable individuals.

This bill will become national news. When this happens, the public trust…will be damaged, and the research effort in this state will be harmed. We will become known as the supplier of dead dogs throughout the United States.

Randy Terril, according to the Journal Record, pointed out the irony over this concern vs. the concern, or lack thereof for the same type of proctions for human beings:

State Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, remarked on the level of phone calls he has received in opposition to HB 2550, adding that no one has opposed the use of human cadavers in a display currently at Science Museum Oklahoma.