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OK Voter I.D. Reform Advances

April 15, 2008

Legislation preventing voter fraud or identity theft at the ballot box passed out of the House yesterday.

Senate Bill 1150 would require voters to show one of several options of identification before casting a ballot, including a free, state-issued voter identification card. Rep. Sue Tibbs (R-Tulsa), author of the bill, said the bill would ensure only those eligible are voting.

We have made it easier to vote over the years, and that has not increased turnout but instead has led to a lack of confidence in the voting process. The number one way to increase interest in the voting process is to give Oklahomans the assurance that their vote will count…Everyone who is eligible to vote will be able to under this legislation.

If a voter does not have a photo ID when they show up to vote, the legislation allows them to cast a ballot if they sign a sworn statement swearing or affirming that they are the person identified on the official precinct registry.

The bill will now return to the Senate for consideration