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Stan Inman Announces Candidacy for Oklahoma County Clerk

February 14, 2008

Oklahoma City, OK – Stan Inman, former Oklahoma County Commissioner, announced today that he is officially a candidate for Oklahoma County Clerk. Inman, a Republican seeks to unseat twelve year incumbent Carolyn Caudill, also a Republican who has spent 32 years in government.

Challenging and beating an incumbent isn’t anything new to Inman, who was elected in 2002 to the Oklahoma County Board of County Commissioners after unseating incumbent Commissioner Stuart Earnest. Earnest is now a supporter of Inman’s bid for County Clerk.

“It really is an honor to have such broad support in this new venture,” said Inman. “I’ve received support from legislators, party officials, community leaders and voters in general, it truly is humbling,” Inman continued.

Inman’s experience on the Board of County Commissioner’s gives him unique perspective on the role of County Clerk. “It’s vital that county boards receive timely and accurate information from our Clerk, so that the various boards can make informed decisions,” said Inman.

As Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, Inman created the “Senior Summit” which resulted in legislation that reduced the tax burden on senior citizens.

Inman, who has a record of reducing costs and increasing efficiency at the county level pledges to cut the budget of the office of County Clerk significantly during his tenure. “It is my goal to bring the conservative values of fiscal restraint and integrity back to the office of County Clerk. I am a conservative by conviction, not convenience,” said Inman.

“In my four years, as County Commissioner, Carolynn repeatedly missed deadlines and provided incomplete information. Frankly, Oklahoma County deserves better,” said Inman.

The election is on Tuesday, July 29th.