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Podcast: Coffee Talk with Senate Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee

March 31, 2008

In this week’s “Coffee Talk” podcast, Ok Sen. Glenn Coffee (R-OKC) discusses the state budget, and how things are not as dire as some had predicted.

He says he is pleased that the OK State Supreme Court rescinded its decision to not allow some records to be available online, and commended the Senate for its Open Records policy, the successful Open Books efforts by Sen. Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso), and the recent recognition of the Senate’s Sunshine efforts.

He says that in this age of YouTube and the internet, “people want to have ready access to information” online, and he is proud that the OK Senate is on the forefront of that, and hopes that other state agencies will follow suit.

To listen, click here.

Senator Tom Coburn: Inspiration To Transparency

January 4, 2008

Senator Tom Coburn has been on a crusade to rid our government of waste. Now Oklahomans have a place to go and check out state spending. A website inspired by Coburns’ legislation now lets you see how much the state is spending on furniture or how much OU’s President makes.

Check it out for yourself: