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Picture(s) of the Day: Coburn & McCain in S. Carolina

January 17, 2008



Muskogee Phoenix:

“I am very proud to endorse my friend and colleague Senator John McCain for President of the United States,” Coburn said. “John McCain and I have stood side-by-side on many issues, and I’d like to speak to two of them today: fiscal responsibility and ensuring the sanctity of human life.”

Coburn said McCain is the “one true reformer” he has met since 1995.

The Shot: DeMint Slaps Coburn

Lewis Given Deferred Sentence In Stolen Trailer Case

December 22, 2007

Hat tip:You can hear it all…Thru the GRAPEVINE!

From the Tecumseh Countywide News & Shawnee Sun:

The case of the stolen campaign trailer was laid to rest Tuesday when a City of Tecumseh employee pleaded no contest to a charge of concealing stolen property and was given a deferred sentence.

The charge against Justin Lewis of Macomb will be dismissed if he successfully completes the five-year deferred sentence, including two years of supervised probation, $1,808 in restitution, 100 hours of community service and some court costs.

District Judge Doug Combs went against the recommendation of District Attorney Richard Smothermon in granting the deferred sentence. Smothermon, who handled Tuesday’s appearance himself, said he had, “from day one, recommended a three-year suspended sentence if he would disclose who actually did it.” Read more…

OKG News.Com: Sources questioning GOP Contributions Related to Recount Last Year

October 16, 2007

By Scott Cooper

Amid the backdrop of a current investigation into Republican campaign contributions from 2004, sources inside the party have questioned contributions made for a vote recount last November.

Rep. Todd Thomsen, R-Ada, won House District 25 last year after a recount declared him the winner two weeks following the election. The House Republican leadership organized a fund-raising effort to aid Thomsen in his recount request.

Sources said it was at a caucus meeting after the election where contributions were solicited for the recount. According to campaign reports, five House Republicans wrote checks to the Oklahoma County Republican Committee on the day of the meeting. Two of those members told Oklahoma Gazette their contributions were intended to aid Thomsen’s recount effort.


Contributions from candidates to parties or committees cannot be earmarked, said University of Oklahoma political science professor and election law expert Keith Gaddie. Read more…

Last Minute Dirty Tricks?

July 25, 2006

The Daily Oklahoman is reporting that voters in the 5th congressional district recieved phone messsages Monday attacking Mary Fallin and Denise Bode. The calls reportedly came from a group called Americans for Job Security. Reportedly, there was no call-back number on some of the calles, which Oklahoma considers to be a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. We reported last Friday of possible push polling being conducted. Former State Rep. Tim Pope, now a political consultant, was accused of violating the consumer protection law in January.