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Congress’ Halloween Agenda: Safeguard Cross-Dressing ‘Rights’

October 29, 2007

By Ernest Istook

“Doesn’t Congress have anything better to do?”

Conservatives are asked this when they pursue legislation to curb abortion or pornography. So what have liberals in Congress put on the agenda instead?


They’re fighting about this in Congress, although few media are reporting it.

Self-selected “gender identity” would become the law of the land, supplanting what activists deride as “gender assigned at birth.” Employers would be punished if they didn’t accept cross-dressing. Even to the point that guys dressed as gals could use the ladies’ room. And gals dressed as guys could use the men’s room.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was planning a vote for the week of Halloween. How fitting. But now she and other supporters have gotten spooked.

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