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Tax Exempt Fire Departments Sponsor Dinner for Rep. Jerry Ellis

February 4, 2008

State Rep. Jerry Ellis (Valiant)

Tin ear Democrats, who have been critical of Republicans on the question of ethics recently, have their own ethics quandry brewing down in “Little Dixie.”

The tax exempt rural fire departments of the county, which receive county sales tax money as well as state pass through funds, are openly supporting Ellis by sponsoring last week a dinner for his State Senate announcement. According to our source:

“This sort of thing still occurs frequently in Little Dixie, so frequently and openly that they even put it in the newspapers, completely disregarding that tax exempt entities aren’t supposed to be endorsing candidates. No problem. The IRS doesn’t have an office in this part of the state.”

From The Valiant Leader: (1/23/08)

“Two former legislators – Representative Randall Erwin and Senator Gerald Dennis – will be masters of ceremonies for next week’s event.

The meal will be sponsored by local volunteer fire departments…”

OKPNS will continue to investigate.


AP: Records show state Republicans receiving more lobbyist gifts than Democrats

(Wouldn’t you kind of expect the party in power to receive more attention from the lobbyists???? Where is the news here?)

TipLine: Jeff McMahan & Randal Erwin Close to Indictment?

January 14, 2008

Reliable sources tell the Oklahoma Political News Service there will be two more indictments handed down this Friday from a Federal Grand Jury.

Embattled State Auditor & Inspector Jeff McMahan and former lawmaker Randal Erwin are said to be under investigation by the FBI for numerous alleged misdeeds. OKPNS will continue to investigate and pass along any information we receive.

State Audit Shows Widening Investigation

March 27, 2007

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) An investigative audit is under way into an agency whose executive director is cited in F-B-I affidavits for allegedly profiting off state funds that were steered to economic development entities in southeastern Oklahoma.

First Assistant Attorney General Tom Gruber disclosed in a March 12th letter approval of the request for an investigative audit of Little Dixie Community Action Agency by the office of Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan.

The disclosure comes as the state’s multicounty grand jury was set to begin hearing testimony on Wednesday.

Dixie Community Action Agency was founded in 1968 and has been run the past two years by Randall Erwin, one of three former legislators implicated in a federal probe of alleged kickbacks linked to “special project” money they secured as House members for projects.

Erwin has denied any wrongdoing and says 68-hundred dollars in cash he received from a business partner of ex-Senantor Gene Stipe wasn’t a kickback as alleged in the F-B-I affidavit.

Criminal Continues Political Corruption

March 12, 2007

From Tulsa Today: (excerpt)

Gary Jones, a Republican who narrowly lost two elections to Democrat State Auditor Jeff McMahan in 2002 and 2006, told Tulsa Today that it was the trail of campaign contributions from Gene Stipe, Steve Phipps and their employees to McMahan’s 2002 campaign that led to the discovery of the scheme to funnel millions in tax dollars to Stipe, Phipps, and former Democrat State Reps. Mass, Erwin and Hefner.

State Auditor & Inspector Jeff McMahanAfter losing the 2002 election, Jones said he had suspected a Stipe-McMahan connection since 2003, after reading the list of straw donors to Walt Robert’s 1998 campaign. “What really threw up a red flag was the article in the Oklahoman in 2004 about the now-famous National Pet Products, the dog food factory in McAlester. The article listed Gene Stipe, Stipe’s brother Francis, his partner Steve Phipps, along with Karen Carper and Roy Hattridge. What else did these people have in common? They were all major contributors to Jeff McMahan’s campaign,” Jones told Tulsa Today.

While Jones was serving as Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, he said people sent him information claiming meetings were being held in the State Auditor’s basement conference room involving Reps. Mike Mass and Randall Erwin, and Stipe’s partner, Steve Phipps.

“Supposedly, the topic of discussion was how they could all benefit from the expanded gambling laws, and one person told me that Mass was heard bragging that if they got this through, they would never have to work another day in their lives,” Jones said.

“The Internet is an amazing tool,” Jones said. “It allows you to do research and find things in minutes that might take years to do manually – or go undiscovered otherwise. I did a Google search of Steve Phipps, and the first thing that popped up was a press release from the Oklahoma House of Representatives about a newly formed organization called the Rural Development Foundation being awarded a water permit for 25 billion gallons of water from Lake Eufaula – and Steve Phipps was listed as their consultant. Searching further on the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s Web site for Rural Development, it revealed that RDF office was located in Antler’s – at the same address as an abstract company owned by Gene Stipe and Steve Phipps.”

Jones shared that information with an Oklahoma state representative, whose further research found that RDF had received a $350,000 line item appropriation in the Department of Commerce’s funding bill. He called back later to say that they received another $350,000 as a line item in the appropriation bill for the Department of Agriculture.

Jones said his continued Internet searches led him to a Web site called, where he discovered that the board members of RDF had also contributed to McMahan’s campaign. When Jones entered their names into a Google search, it brought up the Oklahoma State auditor’s Web site and listing employees of all the abstract companies in Oklahoma by county. McMahan’s office regulates all Oklahoma abstract companies. Stipe and Phipps’s biggest venture together are numerous jointly owned abstract companies.

This latest search by Tulsa Today shows that several board members of RDF were also employees of abstract companies owned by Stipe and Phipps, and that dozen of other Stipe and Phipps employees were also McMahan contributors. Read more…

Click here to view contributions to McMahan from Stipe, Phipps, and employees.

Feds Investigating McMahan, Erwin, & Mass?

October 11, 2006

The McCarville Report Online:

Does Federal Probe Of Rural Development Foundation Extend To McMahan, Erwin, Mass?

SIXTH IN A SERIES ~ A federal investigation into the controversial Rural Development Foundation (RDF) in Antlers may now include questions about an alleged meeting that included RDF consultant Steve Phipps, State Auditor & Inspector Jeff McMahan, State Rep. Mike Mass and former State Rep. Randall Erwin, it has been learned.

The questions could be important because the man behind the foundation, Kiowa resident Phipps, was a partner with State Senator Gene Stipe in nine abstract companies, and McMahan licenses and regulates abstractors.

In a possible related article:
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) State Senator Kenneth Corn is calling for more prison space.