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Collateral Damage in the War on the War on Drugs

April 10, 2008

PhotobucketWhile our nation is still fighting Ronald Reagan’s “War on Drugs,” it seems the Tulsa legal system is waging a war on that war on drugs.

KOTV’s Lori Fullbright recently interviewed Tulsa Police Officer Tim O’Keefe, who has had to learn how to walk again after a brutal attack by a suspect high on PCP. The report details how his attacker has been arrested and released after serving a fraction of his sentence six times, just since the incident nine years ago…all of the arrests involved drugs:

O’Keefe has never once been notified when Taylor was released, as victims are supposed to be and has finally had enough.

“I kept quiet, thought it’s part of the system, part of the game, what I signed up for, but to see this on and on, see him committing more crimes, put him in jail again and again and again. There’s got to be a stop to it,” said Tulsa Police Officer Tim O’Keefe.

(hat-tip, TPD blog)

Busted! Operation Icepack – Success after Two Years

April 1, 2008

According to a report in the Tulsa World, today, eleven members of a major Mexican drug ring have been indicted. U.S. Attorney David O’Meilia:

This is an extremely large drug-trafficking organization smuggling marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine from Mexico across the border into El Paso (Texas) and then transporting the drugs to Tulsa and other places for distribution…The investigation, called Operation Icepack, spanned more than two years.

The group’s business since 2001 has been to distribute large quantities of illegal drugs from Mexico to Tulsa and Kansas City, then to return guns to Mexico. Manuel Bonilla, 36, and Omar Cruz, 27 are still at large, and may be in Mexico, according to the report; the others nine are in custody.

Hat-Tip, TPD Blog