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Roth Says He Wants To Keep Commissioner Job

December 7, 2007
by Erin Boeckman
Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth announced Tuesday that he will campaign to retain the seat Gov. Brad Henry appointed him to this year. “One year from now my name will appear on Oklahoma’s statewide ballot,” Roth said in a news release.

Henry appointed Roth to the Corporation Commission position left vacant by Denise Bode in May 2007. She left to serve as chief executive officer of the American Clean Skies Foundation. Roth was sworn in on June 1, joining commissioners Bob Anthony and Jeff Cloud.

“I love my job,” he said in a news release. “Every day I go to work energized and excited that I have the opportunity to serve Oklahoma and try to make a positive difference for our state. The Corporation Commission has an awesome responsibility. As the public body that regulates oil and gas drilling, utilities and certain areas in telecommunications and transportation, the commission has a huge impact on our state’s economy and our citizens’ lives. I want to make sure that impact is positive for our future.”

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