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Email From Jessica Caswell

October 3, 2007

I am sure you saw the story last night on News 9, I thought you may be interested to know News 9 omitted my statement and never mentioned Judge Hladik’s statement which would have specifically undermined Jeff Davis’ credibility, since he recommended me to work for Judge Hladik. They have insulted my professionalism and omitted significant facts that would have challenged their story line. My statement is as follows:

“Lance Cargill is among numerous clients of mine including State Rep. Doug Cox , State District Judge Dennis Hladik, State Senator Anthony Sykes, State Rep. Randy Terrill and others for whom I’ve provided fundraising consultation. Concerning Jeff Davis, I was introduced to him and recommended to him by State Rep. Guy Liebmann, another client of mine. Unfortunately, Davis is now a disgruntled former client of mine who fired me and hired Kyle Loveless, a known political enemy of Speaker Cargill’s. I know that if you contact many of my other fundraising clients, they will assure you that I provide quality fundraising services. I would hope that any responsible news media outlet would include these positive statements about my work in any story.”
Jessica Caswell

See Judge Dennis Hladik’s response as well:

Jessica Caswell has asked me to provide you with a reference.

I met Ms. Caswell last year at the beginning of my election campaign for the position of District Judge for the 4th Judicial District. I learned of Ms. Caswell through Jeff Davis. Mr. Davis was a candidate for office and sending my mother a number of mailers which appeared to be effective and professionally prepared. Upon calling Mr. Davis, he referred me to Ms. Caswell.

After checking her references, I hired Ms. Caswell to be my campaign manager. She organized my volunteers, prepared all of our mailers, produced our radio and TV ads, and made all of the ad buys. Ms. Caswell acted professionally throughout my campaign, and my wife and I were very pleased with her services. I would not hesitate to hire her again if the need arises.

If you need additional information, feel free to contact me.

Dennis Hladik
District Judge
Garfield County Courthouse
WK 580-237-0245
Cell 580-541-3154
Home 580-237-3195

I am also aware that three lawmakers, Former Rep. Thad Balkman, Rep. Doug Cox, and Rep. Guy Liebmann also released positive statements about work I had done for them that News 9 never bothered to mention either.

Jessica Caswell