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Senate Democrats Prove Mary Easley Lives In District She Represents; Official Locator In Error

February 12, 2007

From The McCarville Report Online:

Senate Democrats today produced proof that Senator Mary Easley, contrary to an “official” Legislative Service Bureau (LSB) locator that shows her home address in another Senate district, does indeed live in the district she represents.

The “conundrum,” so described by the executive director of Oklahoma Senate Democrats, Owen Shackelford, presented itself when, following our series of stories last week about Easley’s residence being listed as outside her district, Shackelford and others began digging into the district line question.

Easley herself, inexplicably, refused to discuss her place of residence last week. Her reticence, perhaps, could have been fueled by the controversy during last year’s election when she was accused of moving out of the district into Owasso. The move to Grand Lake Towne apparently was her second in recent months.

Shackelford today produced Easley’s voter registration card, which shows she registered at 106 South Cherokee Lane, Ketchum, Mayes County, last October 2nd. But Easley herself lists the address officially as 106 South Cherokee Lane in Grand Lake Towne, a separate entity. To make matters more confusing, Easley’s voting place is the Langley (another town) town hall. And Ketchum is in another Senate district and another county (Craig County, even though her voter ID card shows Mayes County).

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