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Attorney General Drew Edmondson on the Right of Citizens to Petition their Government: "Kill the Bill"

April 2, 2008

…from Norma Sapp of Oklahomans for Initiative Rights, updated at 2:35 PM:

In the beginning, HB 3350 by Terrill and SB 1982 by Brogdon were bills making changes to our initiative and petition system in Oklahoma. These changes would have helped regular citizens be able to do initiatives. They would have made all the checks and balances up front before you spent all you time effort and money gathering the signatures, only to find out that you didn’t place a comma in the right place and your petition is invalid.

The first thing to happen was SB 1982 was not heard in committee. In my search to find out why…I was told that Drew Edmondson called and told them to “kill the bill.”

Rep. Terrill was having problems with HB 3350 until he made an agreement to change it to a Task Force bill. It has made it out of committee and through the floor. Last Wednesday, 3-26-08, they finally assigned it to the Rules committee on the Senate side.

When I found this out I spoke to Charlie Laster about moving it to General Government. He told me to speak to Owen Laughlin and Laughlin signed the slip to move it to General Government. Then on Thursday morning I got my notice for the committee and it wasn’t on there!

So Monday, 3-31-08, I started my quest to find out what happened. After getting the run around for about two hours, I was finally told that it was lost in the Pro Tem’s office and he had been sick lately so no one knew what was going on. Finally, an insider…[said she] had overheard the discussion about it last week. Her quote was “Not No, but HELL NO!” to allowing it to be heard in Gen. Gov. on Monday the 31st. Now I’m not even sure it will be heard in the rules committee on Wed. 4-2-08!

In all my discussions with Democrats, in or out of the Legislature. The only reason I get for apposing it is the fact that it was introduced by the same people who were championing TABOR [Taxpayers Bill of Rights].

What is wrong with these people? It seems to me that Democrats hate Republicans simply because they are Republican. And it isn’t solely Democrats who hate. I also hear Republicans talk about Democrats the same way?

In the mean time my organization (Oklahoman’s for Initiative Rights) is caught up in the fight and we are the losers.

In a conversation with Mary Easley yesterday, she said there was nothing wrong with our system and she could not support the bill. If there is nothing wrong with the system then how do we have people who have been indicted over this subject? And why is Drew Edmondson sticking his nose into the process of the Legislature? And why did they listen to his order to KILL THE BILL?

This is just to let you know about the shenanigan’s going on. It may be normal politics but it isn’t right.