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Loveless Questions Opponents’ "Lack of Plan" For Road and Bridge Funding

May 20, 2008

Loveless for Senate press release:

Oklahoma City, OK – Conservative Republican state senate candidate, Kyle Loveless yesterday reiterated his plan for improving Oklahoma’s dilapidated roads and bridges and questioned why the other candidate’s still lack a plan for this crucial issue.

“The most recent Sooner Survey identifies road and bridge funding as THE most important priority for Oklahomans, yet my opponents have failed to address this crucial issue. My transportation funding plan will transform our roads from a source of shame into a spur for economic development,” said Loveless.

The Sooner Survey is a publication of Cole, Hargrave, and Snodgrass and the most authoritative newsletter in Oklahoma politics. The most recent copy is attached.

“My plan is a four-step process. First, reduce administrative overhead at ODOT and put the funds into roads and bridges. Second, funds collected for a certain purpose should be spent for that purpose and that purpose ONLY. Gas taxes and tag fees were collected to be used for roads and bridges. They should be used for that purpose, period. Third, remove the cap on transportation funding. We don’t have a cap on other vital functions of government. We should not have one on roads and bridges. Finally, decisions about road project should not be political, but based on need and traffic counts instead of who is the Chairman of a certain committee.”

Loveless also questioned his opponents’ lack of a coherent plan for road funding.

“For the first time, according to the attached polling, roads and bridges are THE most important issue on people’s minds. Where and what are their plans? The people of senate district 45 need real leadership, not empty promises or bumper sticker politics. The most troubling thing, is that at the legislature now they are talking about going into debt to pay for roads – that is wrong.”

“I have personally knocked on doors from Mustang to Moore, and people are tired of politicians taking orders from special interests and fat cat lobbyists. People want answers about issues THEY care about, and they want them now!”

Loveless Gets Acclaim by Speaker of House and Moore Representative

April 25, 2008

Moore – Yesterday, Senate Candidate Kyle D. Loveless, (R-OKC) received a citation of acclamation from both the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and State Representative Randy Terrill (R-Moore).

“I was honored at the citation I received as part of my graduation ceremony of the Leadership Moore program”, said Kyle Loveless. He went on to say, “When I decided to run for the state Senate, I promised my future constituents that I would immerse myself in the communities that encompass the district, and I have and will continue to keep my word. Moore, Mustang, and South Oklahoma City are all growing, and the one common denominator is a true sense of community. I did not just move into the district, my roots in this district run deep. My family has been in business serving Oklahoma for 60 years. My wife and I were raised in Moore and South Oklahoma City, and that is where we are going to raise our family”.

The citation reads –
“Kyle Loveless has expanded his leadership by increasing his knowledge of Moore and the critical issues facing his community through his interaction with community leaders.”

“Kyle Loveless through his diligence in working with community leaders, has gained key organizational skills and has acquainted himself with the problems and needs of his community, and has committed to serve in a role inherent to a leader.”

“Kyle Loveless prompted by his desire to be better prepared to serve his community, has completed Leadership Moore, a program designed to identify, motivate, and place emerging leaders through development of their leadership by stimulating an interest in the quality of life in Moore and providing a common meeting ground of shared concerns among leaders throughout the community.”

Signed, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chris Benge
Signed, State Representative Randy Terrill

Loveless to Make "Major Grassroots Milestone Announcement"

December 31, 2007

From the Kyle Loveless for State Senate Campaign Newsletter:

In mid January, I will be proud to announce several things, which will separate my campaign from other Republicans in the field. Others have been talking a lot, but we have not seen much of anything across the district. From the time I announced, I am proud to have made so many new friends all across the district. From Mustang’s Positive Posse meetings, to Moore and Westmoore Football games, it has been so much fun, talking to people and there have been several things that I have learned.

First, people don’t expect much from their state government, however, they appreciate meeting me on their terms, and on their doorsteps.

Second, yes, I am a Loveless, like Loveless shoes. Some people that know me, know me from my political experience in different functions, but don’t know about the transformation and growth of my family business. It truly is a Oklahoma treasure that I am proud to continue that tradition. However, I have learned that small businesses here in Oklahoma really have a challenge in front of them and it seems that there are not that many people out there that understand what small businesses go through. I do and look forward to bringing change for all of us.

Finally, people want a true conservative. – I tell people, I am unabashedly PRO-Life, NRA Member, will help fight illegal immigration. I will help end the strangle hold liberal trial lawyers have had on the State Senate and the government of our great state. However, most importantly people don’t care usually what I have to say, they want to know that I will listen.

Loveless to Walk 45 Miles for Senate District 45

August 27, 2007

Candidate Braves Heat to Walk from Mustang to Moore

Oklahoma City, OK – Businessman and Oklahoma State Senate Republican candidate Kyle D. Loveless will be making an unusual trip in his grassroots campaign by literally walking from one end of the district to the other in midst of the August heat.

“I have already knocked on the doors of over 4,000 voters all across the district. I’m spending evenings and Saturdays after work talking and listening to people to find out what they want in their next Senator and what they want from the State Capitol,” said Loveless.

In the hottest month of the year, Loveless believes that the time spent will be well worth it to get to know the people and the businesses along the route.

“What better month than August to walk from Mustang to Moore? Oklahomans and the voters of Senate District 45 don’t want a fat-cat, do-nothing Senator. They want a Senator willing to work hard to get things done. They want someone who won’t shirk from the challenges or tough fights. Walking 45 miles in the heat of an Oklahoma August won’t be easy, but it will be exciting.”

“Voters want to know that the person they elect is willing to work for the job. Whether managing our family business, Loveless Shoes, or walking in 100 degree heat, I’m no stranger to challenges, I am sure there will be plenty of hot air, just like down on 23rd and Lincoln. People will know that I will work for them as hard as I work at this campaign,” said Loveless.

Loveless will begin his walk in Canadian County on August 28th at I-40 and Mustang Road and will conclude the walk in Cleveland County, the next day August 29th. Along the way, Loveless will be making stops at the Mustang Town Center for a community meeting, the Moore Rotary lunch, and will be walking the old downtown of Moore.

He will be available to the media through his cell phone, 405-640-0740. He also welcomes any member of the press to would like to walk a portion of the route with him.

Sandy Garrett is Wrong, Again.

August 6, 2007

By Kyle D. Loveless

Indulge me and let me give you an example.

Everyone like me needs to lose a little weight. So I decide to go to a gym and the gym offers a personal trainer. I am excited, I have never had a personal trainer, I could use one, so I sign up.
For months, I pay my dues to the gym, but then on top I pay extra for the personal trainer. Months go by, I do everything the trainer asks, but somehow I see no results, my weight is still the same. At the end of my contract for six months, the trainer comes to me and says, “You just need to expand your regime to keep up with the others that are training more than you. I need more money and you need to train more.”

Would you go back to the same trainer if after months you put money into them, and after no results, they not only asked for more money, but for you to come in more? I know I would not, but somehow, Sandy Garrett keeps coming back for more.

It seems that every few years, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sandy Garrett changes the goal line. When the US Chamber of Commerce give Oklahoma schools an F, she does not accept responsibility and try to improve, she complains that the tests were skewed.

Even the Moore American’s own Scott Carter jumped on the bandwagon of the idea of expanding the school year.

What I would like to see is accountability and responsibility and results, and more importantly above all else, I would like to see our children get the best education. Funding is at record levels, teachers are paid more now than ever before, and we now have the biggest education coup, the education lottery.

So why are there still problems with public education in Oklahoma?

First, we need a transfusion of competition in our education system. Schools within districts need to compete for funding, with good schools being rewarded and underperforming schools held accountable. School vouchers, tax credits for homeschoolers, magnet schools, whatever it takes to jump start our system, on behalf of the education of our children.

Second, just as competition will rise the level of excellence in our system, those quality teachers should be rewarded. There should be a multi factor test in whether or not a teacher is a good one or not. Peer review, principle input, parental input even student input and scores should be taken into factor in determining who deserves raises based on merit and those that should not.

Finally, there is one area that is the most effective but is the most difficult to monitor or accomplish. Most parents want and become involved in their children’s education, but the most important factor in a child’s education is parental involvement. This is my opinion, but it also backed up by Harvard studies.

I am not opposed to longer school days and longer school years, I just think we both as taxpayers and parents are not getting our monies worth. We should demand more from our government at all levels and we should view our children’s future as the consumers of a defective product that is our public education system and we need radical change for our children’s education.

I have never had a personal trainer, but I know that if I was not getting results from someone, I would go somewhere else with my business. We should expect results.

Oklahoma City businessman Kyle Loveless is a Republican candidate for State Senate District 45. Campaign website

Foshee: "Voice of the People" Has Laryngitis?

August 3, 2007

Disclaimer: The following post is NOT a personal attack.

We have been accused by Foshee supporters (all three of them – which includes “pseudo” consultant Ron Black, Foshee himself, and his wife) of waging personal attacks when we examine their fledgling campaign and their amateurish campaign tactics.

Foshee, the self described “voice of the people” seems to be experiencing chronic laryngitis. Although Foshee and his declared opponent Kyle Loveless are neck and neck in the money race – with Loveless enjoying a small cash on hand advantage, recently filed campaign reports show Loveless raised his funds through a pool of fourteen donors. Foshee’s total raised funds comes entirely from personal loans to himself.

You don’t have to be a Dick Morris or Karl Rove to know that this is not good news for a campaign – no matter how well “The Gorilla” will attempt to spin it. The Oklahoma Political News Service will continue to investigate.

Benefit for USS Oklahoma Memorial July 1st

June 28, 2007

A benefit concert will be held July 1st at the Crossroads Church in Oklahoma City to help raise money for the USS Oklahoma Memorial fund.

Governor Henry, Congressman Cole, fmr. Congressman J.C. Watts, and many state elected officials are planning to attend. Oklahoma native Ms. Anita Bryant will be performing at 5 pm, followed by “South OKC’s best fireworks show.” There will also be a tiger show and inflatables for the kids, a professional BMX stunt group, and plenty to eat and drink.

Along with Sen. Jim Reynolds, another organizer of the event is District 45 Senate candidate Kyle Loveless. Loveless explains his involvement in the benefit:

“I was humbled that I was asked to participate in this effort. I have been supportive for years, ever since they first came to me in Congressman Istook’s office; and I was humbled that my church asked me to help.”

For more information, you can visit the church’s website at:

Loveless for State Senate Kickoff

May 22, 2007

Thursday, May 24th, 2007
6pm to 8 pm

Loveless Campaign HQ
4400 SW 21st Street
Oklahoma City, OK

Questions? 405-692-7617

Loveless to Run For State Senate

April 26, 2007

April 25th, 2007


Contact: Kyle D. Loveless


3rd Generation of South-Side Oklahoma City Family Files for District 45 Seat

Oklahoma City, OK – Today, Kyle D. Loveless, a third-generation South Oklahoma City native, made it official and announced his candidacy for State Senate District #45.

The seat is currently held by Senator Kathleen Wilcoxson who is retiring due to term limits. The primary election will be held in the summer of 2008.

“Senator Kathleen Wilcoxson and Senator Helen Cole leave a fine and honorable tradition of leadership that I hope to continue if elected,” said Loveless.

“Oklahoma is heading into a new century, and we need a new brand of conservative leadership that is not afraid to take on the tough issues. Priorities must be made. Our state government needs to make hard decisions. I am the type of candidate who is not afraid to make the changes we need.”

“For too long, the Oklahoma State Senate has been in the back pocket of the trial lawyers, and the state has suffered because of it. We need entrepreneurs with the pioneering spirit that our state was founded upon, not relics of the past.”

To kick off the campaign, Loveless is inviting the public to a reception at his campaign headquarters:

WHEN: May 24th, 2007

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Loveless Campaign Headquarters

4400 SW 21st Street

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108

(Just east of SW 21st Street and S. Meridian intersection)

Loveless — Conservative Leadership for a New Century