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Podcast: OPEA Employees Requesting Prayer for Pay Raise

April 4, 2008

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Someone once said that as long as there are tests in school, there will be prayer in the public schools. Apparently this also applies to state employees recovering from a payroll tax scandal, hoping for raises in light of a state budget shortfall.

In this podcast, from the Oklahoma Public Employee Association online “Break Room,” Dr. Ivan Holmes talks with Scott Berger about Democratic Party Fundraising, how the Democrats hope to take back the Oklahoma legislature, the employment rate in Oklahoma, the disconnect between the Oklahoma legislature and the voters and between the larger newspapers and the small-town newspapers.

Tipline: Williams Seeking OKGOP Chair?

January 31, 2008

Sources are telling the Oklahoma Political News Service that OKGOP Vice Chair Cheryl Williams was introduced by Senator Clark Jolly at last night’s precinct meetings as the “next OKGOP Chairman.”

Many insiders believe that after State Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan’s multi count indictment, a third Gary Jones’ candidacy is an eventuality. Insiders believe Williams is finally making her true intentions public after many months of quiet speculation among those who are in the party know.

The source says to count current party chairman Gary Jones as one of those who is wary of Williams. His distrust of her has created a relationship that can be described as “icy at best.”

Readers will recall Williams embarrassed Oklahoma at the National Convention in 2000 when she was ejected from the RNC Platform Committee by Governor Ridge. The media trumpeted her behavior as proof of “Dissension” within the ranks of the Party faithful


OKPNS will continue to investigate.

Tip Line: Why Was Gary Jones in Muskogee?

January 25, 2008

OKGOP activists inquire on the Chairman’s recent travel itinerary:

In an example of true grassroots leadership, OKGOP Chairman Gary Jones spent Friday in federal court watching his nemesis, Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan, plead not guilty to felony charges of conspiracy, mail fraud and state bribery. In fact, Jones did not attend last night’s Helen Cole Republican of the Year dinner in the GOP stronghold of Cleveland County, because he overnighted in Tulsa to be closer to Muskogee, the location of today’s court proceedings. Not sure the Republican faithful in Cleveland County would appreciate his reasoning, but such is the motivation and focus of Gary Jones.

This unusual step was just the latest installment of Jones’s “I told you so” campaign of gloating and chest-thumping. Not sure exactly how Jones’s presence in federal court today helps the Republican party as it approaches the November elections, but it seems more and more obvious Jones views his position as OKGOP chairman as nothing more than a stepping stone to another campaign for state auditor.

OKGOP Chairman Offers OKPNS E-Mail Explanation

January 14, 2008

The Okie Campaigns blog is having a little difficulty believing OKGOP Chairman Gary Jones explanation that he wasn’t aware that he was attending a fundraiser at a controversial Dallas businessman’s home last month. Below is an email Chairman Jones sent to us last Friday:


I saw the story on me. I have attended events for Romney, Guiliani, Brownback, Tancredo and now Huckabee.

I was invited to the event in Dallas because when I asked the Huckabee campaign about seeing Huckabee and seeing if he could come to Oklahoma I was invited to the Dallas event. So I took them up on the offer.

I drove there myself at my own expense. It was very nice event. I had a chance to visit with Governor Huckabee which I had met before last year when he came to Oklahoma to help the state party and some of the OKGOP candidates and one other time at the Southern Republican leadership conference in 2006 in Memphis.

I have not endorsed any candidate nor have I contributed money any yet. I don’t plan on committing to a candidate until after our February 5th primary.

Gary Jones, Chairman

Oklahoma Republican Party

Lewis Given Deferred Sentence In Stolen Trailer Case

December 22, 2007

Hat tip:You can hear it all…Thru the GRAPEVINE!

From the Tecumseh Countywide News & Shawnee Sun:

The case of the stolen campaign trailer was laid to rest Tuesday when a City of Tecumseh employee pleaded no contest to a charge of concealing stolen property and was given a deferred sentence.

The charge against Justin Lewis of Macomb will be dismissed if he successfully completes the five-year deferred sentence, including two years of supervised probation, $1,808 in restitution, 100 hours of community service and some court costs.

District Judge Doug Combs went against the recommendation of District Attorney Richard Smothermon in granting the deferred sentence. Smothermon, who handled Tuesday’s appearance himself, said he had, “from day one, recommended a three-year suspended sentence if he would disclose who actually did it.” Read more…

OK Republican Party Exposes Rice’s Web

October 31, 2007

State Republican Chairman Gary Jones announced a new web site today detailing the extreme liberal positions of State Senator Andrew Rice, the only announced opponent to Republican Senator Jim Inhofe.

Using a Halloween theme, Jones started calling Rice’s liberal connections “the spookiest fright of this Halloween.”

Fright Night: Rice’s Spooky Web of Liberal Connections

(OKLAHOMA CITY) State Senator Andrew Rice, the lone announced opponent to U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe, has spent a lifetime weaving a tangled web of left-wing political connections, as evidenced by a new website released today. highlights Rice’s work as the standard bearer for fringe liberal groups in Oklahoma.

“When Andrew Rice dresses up as an extremist liberal, it isn’t just for Halloween,” said Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Gary Jones. “It’s who he really is.”

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It’s About the Kids. Yeah, Right.

October 8, 2007

Message from Chairman Jones:

Last week in downtown OKC there was a small rally in support of a bill that would expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The rally was held in front of Rep. Mary Fallin’s office. Nathaniel Batchelder, speaking for the groups behind the rally, said, “we need Rep. Fallin to override Bush’s veto and stand up for our kids.”

It seems like everyone’s motto these days is “it’s about the kids.” If this SCHIP program were really about our kids’ future, however, we wouldn’t expand government spending and put our children further in debt.

As Congresswoman Fallin put it: “ I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t agree with the basic premise that poor children should have access to quality medical care… the conflict is over how great an expansion of SCHIP the federal government can responsibly sustain.”

The real facts back up Fallin’s stance:

The proposed SCHIP expansion would allow and strongly encourage States to provide government health coverage for children in families making 300% of the Federal poverty level, or almost $62,000 for a family of four. Furthermore, Congress’ bill would enable SCHIP to cover children in some households with incomes of up to 400% of the Federal poverty level (about $83,000 per year).

Of the 5.8 million enrollees Congress’ legislation would attract by 2012, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that 2.0 million would drop private insurance to enroll, moving us closer to a nanny-state government that Democrats envision.

Democrats would like to point the finger at Republicans and make the outlandish claim that we are against children if we don’t support this bill. Unfortunately for Democrats, the facts just aren’t on their side.


Community Action Project: SCHIP Issue Brief

The Collegian: SCHIP veto a democratic disaster

OKGOP Chairman Gary Jones Announces "Very Aggressive" Statewide Voter Registration Drive

September 14, 2007

Hillary Gets Pandering Lesson from Chairman Jones

August 9, 2007

OKLAHOMA CITY (August 8, 2007) With Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visiting Oklahoma this upcoming Saturday evening, Gary Jones and the State Republican Party have created a handy “Pandering Guide” for her convenience.

“Hillary has a long and painful history of pandering to people she knows nothing about,” said Jones. “So for her visit to Oklahoma, we thought it would be a nice gesture to provide her some pandering guidelines for our great state.”

Oklahoma Pandering Guide 101:

Number 1: Don’t wear our crimson and cream or orange, black and white
You may have gotten away with wearing a Yankees hat when you campaigned in New York, but it’s not going to work here in Oklahoma. Stick with what you know: liberal east coast elitistism.

Number 2: Please don’t try the southern drawl again
Your southern drawl that you pulled out on your stop in Selma, Alabama was more than a little embarrassing. Oklahomans can tell real quick if you aren’t from around here. So you probably should keep that in your back pant suit pocket.

Number 3: Speaking of pant suits

You’ve been criticized on the campaign trail for some of your pretentious pant suit ensembles. Let me stop you before you even think about entering Oklahoma in a pair of Wranglers and a cowboy hat.

Number 4: Your love for tax increases
We know you want to raise taxes on everything from businesses to personal income. However, that stance isn’t going to score you any points in Oklahoma. We want our tax burden to be lower, not higher. That’s why all 77 counties in Oklahoma went for George W. Bush in 2004, and why even Oklahoma’s lone Democrat Congressman Dan Boren predicted you won’t win Oklahoma.

Number 5: Last, but certainly not least, socialized healthcare
We’ve heard you are still pursuing a step-by-step plan to achieve nationalized Health Care. As always, you and your liberal colleagues are advocating another government boondoggle, not a private enterprise solution, and we don’t want the government in our doctor’s offices. So steer clear of discussing this dangerous policy.

“We feel if you stick to our guidelines you may just get out of Oklahoma unscathed. As far as the election, however, I’m afraid you won’t be so lucky,” concluded Jones.

City Worker Bound Over In Missing Trailer Case

August 3, 2007

Court documents mention that Jason McMahan was read his rights on November 2nd and questioned about the theft. It also reports that McMahan admitted to owning a pickup that fit the description of the one seen pulling the trailer away at 2am in the morning when it was stolen.

Tecumseh Countywide News & Shawnee Sun:

A City of Tecumseh employee was bound over for arraignment and trial Tuesday morning in connection with the theft of a campaign trailer almost a year ago.

Justin Lewis of Macomb faces up to five years in prison if convicted of knowingly concealing stolen property, in this case a trailer which belonged to a supporter of Gary Jones, a candidate for state auditor & inspector in last year’s election against incumbent Jeff McMahan of Tecumseh.

Jones, now chairman of the state Republican Party, offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to the conviction of whoever stole the trailer, but to date no one has been charged with the theft. Jones was in the courtroom for Tuesday’s hearing.

Special District Judge David Cawthon found sufficient evidence to hear the case after a preliminary hearing Tuesday. Among the witnesses were Tecumseh Police Detective J.R. Kidney and Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Deputy Jim Patten.

Kidney testified that he and another deputy found the trailer on property belonging to Lewis on Nov. 2, six weeks after it disappeared in Tecumseh. Read more…