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Legislation Removing Sexual Predators From Nursing Homes Close to Law

May 15, 2008

Some good news! Captain Courageous, also known as Wes Bledsoe, the nursing home reform crusader, sent OKPNS an email Wednesday night predicting his legislation aimed at removing sexual predators from nursing homes may be on its way to becoming law. Bledsoe also mentions in the email, the report done by a NBC affiliate in Kansas City which ran a news report about the Predators in Nursing Homes issue.

“The report cited more of our investigative work, including the sexual assault by a registered sex offender of a young woman suffering from severe impairments…that we also brought to the news teams’ attention. The reporter, Keith King did a great job with the story… please send him some kudos”

Opponents of the bill, such as the greedy nursing home owners association, have tried to derail the legislation several times, but there has simply been too much media attention to this worthy cause.

Here’s Wes’ message to concerned Oklahomans. As we’ve mentioned, it’s witching hour and malevolent forces are at work. The nursing home association is still paying our favorite wine expert, Otie Ann Fried and her employees to represent their interests. So if Oklahomans want this bill to pass, they need to light up those phone lines. For citizens once represented by Dirty Harry Coates and Patrick Anderson, you should consider snail mail as they have great difficulties with their e-mail and phones.

Weekend Gross-out!! Turpen’s Shocking Confession! Admits Surfing Racist Sites and Admiration for Dirty Harry!

May 12, 2008
Former Exxon Mobil CEO Lee Raymond & Mike Turpen separated at birth?

Mike Turpen’s obsession with State Rep. Randy Terrill, while more than just a little weird, took another bizarre twist yesterday on the Flashpoint program.

In a stunning revelation, Turpen noted that he had recently visited the web site of former Louisiana State Representative and Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke. Turpen went on to say that Duke had endorsed Terrill for governor. Republican Kirk Humphries absent-mindedly countered that the endorsement probably was something he (Terrill) didn’t want, further cementing the lie as truth.

As of Noon, the weekend segment still was not posted on the KFOR website. Clearly the station needs to explain why the Turpen is allowed to pimp clients and friends without declaring the conflicts that OKPNS routinely discovers. In late 2006 he attempted to censor a report by reporter Ali Meyer that was highly critical of Turpen pal Drew Edmondson, ironically Flashpoint’s guest on Sunday. As would be expected, Turpen’s press hypocrisy has never come under scrutiny by the capitol press corps.

To add to the irony, the show recently hosted Terrill, a regular on rival News9’s Your Vote Counts, which has much more viewers, in an effort to boost Flashpoint’s sagging ratings.

So why was Turpen visiting a white supremacist web site? Turpen’s pals Bill and Hillary Clinton have employed race-baiting throughout the presidential campaign and Turpen, a chief fund raiser for Sen. Clinton, appears to be utilizing the same sick and disgusting tactics.

Meanwhile, Turpen revealed his admiration for another clown, Sen. Dirty Harry Coates, but spared viewers other stomach-turning details such as a list of the other types of web-sites fat, sweaty trial lawyers like to surf late at night.

OKPNS Memo to “Masterminds”

May 8, 2008
Look…Made in the USA!

We understand the anti-HB 1804 political “masterminds” are upset at this week’s revelations on OKPNS regarding public support for HB 1804. They’ve misled the public since last January, but truth finds a way in America, and it sometimes even gets past the Oklahoma City capitol press corps and out to Oklahomans.

Perhaps you should assume that Sen. Coates has lost or misplaced other crucial documents in your quest to rip the public’s favorite law away from them. Now we’re not as smart as you, but here’s some fundamental advice that has been used for decades with some success:

First, assume Dirty Harry has screwed up all your plans, and that the pesky public will find out the truth someway, somehow. You’ve got to at least come up with a tale regarding the so-called ‘investigation’ at the Senate, and time is short.That great American, William Jefferson Clinton, had his staff release bad news with his spin, mostly after working hours on Friday evenings. It worked for the most part, and he didn’t even have the fawning and lazy capitol press corps you have there in Oklahoma City.

Second, take an inventory. If Dirty Harry lost all the items we’ve revealed, there’s probably more out there he has screwed up, if you know what we mean.

Third, there’s a loose trail you need to tie up and soon: if there were any lies dealt in the so-called investigation of the ‘hacked and stolen’ e-mails and documents, you need to get those items covered up as soon as possible. Somebody, somewhere in the Oklahoma press may actually want to do a follow up story and ask for that information. It’s a long shot, but it could happen!

Meanwhile, if anybody out there has more Dirty Harry information, you know where to send it to the tipline.

John Kerry and Dirty Harry Wreck Another Political Career

May 8, 2008

Sen. “Dirty Harry” Coates

Sen. Patrick Anderson

Yesterday, embattled Sen. Dirty Harry Coates sided with all the Democratic senators to scuttle the official English bill, which some polls say is supported by nearly 90% of the Oklahoma public. The bill has been sent to conference committee, where by design it will be difficult to resurrect this session.

In the process, Coates severely damaged the re-election chances of Republican Senator Patrick Anderson of Enid. Anderson was foolish enough to fall under Coates’ sway just long enough to get caught distributing anti-official English propaganda and engaging in other anti-official English activities before regaining his senses and voting with his party. In other words, he was against official English before he was for official English.

Taking cues from John F. Kerry and Dirty Harry Coates is deadly for a re-election campaign in a strong Republican district, Sen. Anderson. After yesterday’s stunt, Anderson will face a tough re-election battle if he draws a primary opponent. For his actions, Anderson unanimously wins the bonehead political play of the week and probably just dealt himself a fatal political blow because of the demographics of his senate district.

Dirty Harry Shows the Voters He’s the Boss, But Troubles Ahead?

May 8, 2008

The bumbling, fumbling embarrassment of a senator gained a measure of revenge yesterday when he sided with Democrats to scuttle the official English bill. As OKPNS regulars know, Coates has labored tirelessly to thwart the will of the people. When Coates left a folder filled with strategy and plans in a capitol head, the lid came off his dirty little plot. We have to assume the information was not sent to members of the capitol press corps, as their only involvement in the blockbuster story thus far has been to circulate Coates’ now-discredited tale that his documents were stolen or his computer was hacked.

Insiders tell OKPNS that a careful study of the transcript of Coates’ hysterical press conference reveals he never actually stated the documents were stolen, but rather used a Clintonesque verbal slight-of-hand to infer some type of theft. Further, another individual familiar with the investigation says there may be some evidence that Coates knew well ahead of his public breakdown that he had misplaced the documents, but that he did not know where he had lost them. Dissembling to the press, however, is different than lying to the police.

So did Dirty Harry actually allege a crime, or did he cop the truth to the capitol cops? Something stinks, and under ordinary circumstances an inquisitive press corps would be asking questions. But after several weeks, not one follow up story has been written by the capitol press corps.

So to clear up this matter, OKPNS is asking capitol police to release the report they took in their meeting with Coates and any other documents related to this investigation. While we strongly suspect Coates’ press conference was just a public stunt in the midst of a friendly crowd (the capitol press gang), the public deserves to know just what the Senator claimed in an official police report and if there is indeed evidence that suggests Coates knew the documents were in fact never stolen.

While shucking and jiving in front of the sympathetic press corps is one thing, it is quite another to take a press stunt to the next level. State Capitol Police, with Sen. Coates’ blessing, should make all documents relevant to this so-called ‘investigation’ public immediately.

OKPNS will publish those documents no matter what they say. Are you game Senator Coates? After all, if you have nothing to hide, why keep hiding the truth????

Benedict & Arnold: The Senate’s Traitor Republicans Revealed

May 7, 2008

Here are the lies “Dirty Harry” Coates and his new buddy Sen. Patrick Anderson are peddling today at the Capitol regarding the English only bill.


Terrill Comments on Senator Anderson’s Refusal to Talk to Constituents

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Randy Terrill (R-Moore) issued the following statement today after state Sen. Patrick Anderson (R-Enid) began forwarding his calls to Terrill’s office in an effort to avoid communicating with his own constituents.

“This is the most unbelievably cowardly act by an elected official that I have ever seen. Apparently, Senator Anderson is receiving so many calls from his constituents urging him to support an Official English law that he is now trying to avoid them by forwarding the calls to me. Senator Anderson is turning his back on his constituents. The voters of Senate District 19 deserve better.

“It’s inconceivable that any public official would treat his own constituents this way unless Senator Anderson is truly working with the Senate Democrat leadership to block or kill consideration of Official English in the state Senate this week.”

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 5): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; The Poll They Didn’t Want You to See

May 7, 2008

Below are quotes from a Washington D.C. polling firm’s “briefing memorandum” to Chesapeake Energy on the dim prospects of repealing or revising HB1804.

“Immigration is a top issue: Ranked third in an overall list of most important issues to voters”

“Messages with an emotional appeal are strong among women, Democrats, more liberal ideology and voters under the age of 55 years. Those who attend church regularly show a higher propensity to be impacted by emotional pieces of information about their fellow man”

“This indicates that with generic messaging about the impacts of this immigration legislation, voters easily become divided in their support and less certain about their positioning.”

“While messages that create opposition to the legislation overall are limited, they each have a very common theme of conveying an emotional appeal.”

Click here to read the entire memo.

According to its critics, House Bill 1804, the immigration reform bill, was the law passed in the 2007 legislative session that Oklahomans liked only because they didn’t know about the consequences. The law’s opponents, such as the chambers of commerce in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, the so-called ‘state’ chamber of commerce and their bosses in business and industry, would roll out a multi-million dollar campaign to ‘educate’ the ignorant ‘Okies’ and bring balance back to the galaxy.


Today, the Oklahoma Political News Service reveals why the cocky arrogance of blustering poseurs like Chesapeake’s Tom Price and Senator Harry Coates was all hot air from the very beginning.

By late January, the 1804 repeal crowd knew full well the extent of their impossible mission, but the smack talk kept flowing. Chatter about a multi-million dollar repeal effort filled the halls at 23rd and Lincoln. The pompous Price, who some naïve observers at one time believed to be a political expert, in actuality ran a comedic legislative campaign that blew up in his face when his equally arrogant senate partner, Coates, left his war plans in a capitol bathroom. Those plans, sent to OKPNS by an anonymous good citizen, revealed a blundering, fumbling and ill-conceived effort masterminded by the most inept gaggle of political ‘consultants’ assembled in recent memory.

Today the 1804 repeal effort is as dead as Julius Caesar because the people of Oklahoma made up their own minds about HB 1804.

Thanks to Senator Coates, we now know the full extent of public attitudes toward HB 1804. While it is still unclear as to why the aforementioned energy giant wants illegal aliens running amuck in Oklahoma, a January 28th memo to the firm reveals the bad news, which obviously Price and his fellow incompetents did not want exposed to the public.

Revealed here is the truth the now-discredited political poseurs so desperately tried to hide. After the polling company asked 11 different questions specifically designed to push down public support for HB 1804, public approval barely wavered, dropping only 4% from 89% to 85%, still within the poll’s margin of error. Doubtless, Price and Coates were stunned. For the elitist duo and their followers, the game was over.

Two items stand out among the poll’s results. First, when push-poll questions dealt with perceived problems for the business community, support for the law actually went up, once again proving the point that the state’s business leadership, perceived as weak and ineffective, really is weak and ineffective.

Second, with only one exception (increasing taxes to help provide funds to support the law), the only times the push polling questions seem to lower public support is when touchy-feely emotional arguments regarding children and religion are asked. Perhaps that explains some of the ‘drama queen’ behavior of the law’s opponents over the past few weeks.

So turn out the lights: the party’s over. For those students of politics who love to drill deep into statistics, here are the reasons why people power overwhelmed so-called political power in regards to HB 1804. Click here to view entire poll results


The People "Punk" Politicians: How It Happened

May 5, 2008

“Ding Dong, the wicked 1804 repeal effort is dead”

It seems the crackpot Seminole Senator Harry Coates has disappeared from public view since OKPNS pulled the covers off the doomed plot to repeal/alter HB 1804, the immigration reform law. His repeal effort has disappeared as well.

You may remember the capitol press corps reported Coates’ claims of “theft” of his documents as gospel, although that has since been refuted. Now OKPNS readers know that Coates lost his documents after a visit to the 4th floor head, but nobody in the 4th floor press room has done a follow up to Coates’ hysterical public crackup. Best to just pretend it didn’t happen, right guys and gals of the Fourth Estate?

So why did the so-called rich and powerful forces at the Capitol fail? We already chronicled some if it: the incompetence and mismanagement by lawmakers, lobbyists, political consultants and media types who desperately wanted HB 1804 to go down. But there was something else afoot that played perhaps the most important role.

Over the next two days, we’ll detail precisely how the so-called rich and powerful were ‘punk’d’ by the people!


EXCLUSIVE: Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Ambush Planned for Rep. Terrill

EXCLUSIVE (Pt 2): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Is Sen. Coates Working for the People or Chesapeake Energy?

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EXCLUSIVE (Pt 4): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Oklahoma Bankers Association Study is a Farce

EXCLUSIVE: Capitol Police Say Surveillance Video Reveals No Office Break In; Sen Coates "Mishandled Own Emails"

April 23, 2008


Video: Sen Harry Coates – “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to.”

Hat tip: okiecampaigns

Hepner Says "OPNS (sic) Gets Facts Wrong"

April 17, 2008

“Left leaning” and “Liberal professor” Mickey Hepner responds to our post today on his coordination with anti 1804 forces:

Mickey Hepner

From Mickey’s Musings:

Today the Oklahoma Political News Service website posts a charge that I have been coordinating with State Sen. Harry Coates on efforts to repeal HB 1804….

I don’t mind that OPNS called me “left-leaning” or a “liberal professor”. As I have said before my conservative friends think I’m too liberal, and my liberal friends think I’m too conservative. I think I am a little of both. But before OPNS states something as fact, they should at least get the facts straight. In this case, it is clear that OPNS did not. Read more…