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Jenks Takes Tulsa Mayor To Court Over Proposed Toll Bridge

October 12, 2007
Tulsa – The City of Jenks is filing a lawsuit against Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor and Public Works Director Charles Hardt over a proposed toll bridge that would run from 121st and South Yale in Tulsa to 131st and South Yale Place in Jenks. Jenks officials accuse Tulsa officials of stalling the project.

The lawsuit alleges Mayor Taylor has not signed an engineering services contract that the City of Jenks needs to move forward on the bridge project.

Jenks city leaders say the contract must be signed in order for engineers to do very important studies. Jenks City Attorney Stephen Oakley says the contract has been on Mayor Taylor’s desk since the end of April. He says he didn’t want to take it as far as a lawsuit, but he has no other choice.

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