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What’s Wrong with this Picture?!

February 12, 2008

Does this look like the campaign office for an American President, to you? This is the campaign headquarters for Barack Obama, who is in a close tie for the race for the Democrat nomination for President:

Click here or on the image below to watch the video:


In Washington, yesterday, Obama said:

Obama, in a question-and-answer with supporters, said the U.S. had neglected Latin America under George W. Bush and he said he would meet Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

He said Chavez was consolidating power, had “despotic tendencies” and was using oil money to fan anti-Americanism, “but it is not enough to say `I oppose (Cuba’s Fidel) Castro and I oppose Chavez and that’s the end of it.”

He said Latin America will no longer be a junior partner in its relationship with Washington, and he will travel the region to talk to leaders about human rights, political prisoners in Cuba and hemispheric trade ties.

Hat-tip, Dan McLaughin, with RedState and Crusader Rabbit.