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Well, this is ONE Way to Lower the Oklahoma Divorce Rate…

February 11, 2008

If people don’t get married, they can’t get divorced, right?

Wilson Research Strategies is reporting that the number of marriage licences are down in Tulsa and Oklahoma counties. They quote Paul Amato, a member of the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative’s research advisory group, and professor at Penn State University who has received national recognition for his work in sociology, demography and family studies, as saying it’s primarily because people are waiting longer to get married.

This could have a long-term affect on the rate of divorce, points out Micah Gamino, staff writer for

If people are delaying their first marriage, then that should bode well for the high divorce rate, which is about 50 percent nationally, because marrying too young increases the likelihood of divorce, experts say.

Perhaps, but as long as unrestricted no-fault divorce laws make it relatively easy for people (who were married in other states) to move to Oklahoma and file for divorce here, the marriage vs. divorce rates will never actually be an accurate reflection of Oklahoman’s traditional marriage values.