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Tipline: Williams Seeking OKGOP Chair?

January 31, 2008

Sources are telling the Oklahoma Political News Service that OKGOP Vice Chair Cheryl Williams was introduced by Senator Clark Jolly at last night’s precinct meetings as the “next OKGOP Chairman.”

Many insiders believe that after State Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan’s multi count indictment, a third Gary Jones’ candidacy is an eventuality. Insiders believe Williams is finally making her true intentions public after many months of quiet speculation among those who are in the party know.

The source says to count current party chairman Gary Jones as one of those who is wary of Williams. His distrust of her has created a relationship that can be described as “icy at best.”

Readers will recall Williams embarrassed Oklahoma at the National Convention in 2000 when she was ejected from the RNC Platform Committee by Governor Ridge. The media trumpeted her behavior as proof of “Dissension” within the ranks of the Party faithful


OKPNS will continue to investigate.